Christmas With a Capital “C”

Nov 29

I love this message because I’m sick and tired of everybody removing everything that mentions Christ my savior.

Christmas With a Capital “C”

Why should I care if an athiest gets offended by me saying Christ? The USA allows the right to worship any religion that you want to. For me that means that you can worship or not and nobody can say anything about it. But people need to understand that this country was founded on Christianity so naturally the name “Christ” will be highly visible in many areas of this country. We as Americans are saying that everybody will be welcome in our country and that they have the right to worship as they want to. Now that they are here they have the nerve to try and change the way that we worship. We are having to remove any trace of our religious beliefs. I say forget that, your in my house so you will need to respect me and mine. I’m not going to walk into your house and disrespect you just because I disagree with something you have or do. If somebody literally came into my house and told me that I needed to take all the crosses down off of my walls because it offends them. I would tell them that they are a guest in my house and that if they didn’t like it then get out.

America is my house so if you don’t like the way we have it then get out.


Can’t Think Today

Nov 29

I’ve already been asked 20 times today if I watched the Republican debate. The answer is no, I did see some of the highlights of the debate on GMA this morning but that’s it. I’m one sided these days, my tooth hurts and that’s all I seem to think about. Politics get to me like a tooth ache. All I want to do is find the right pill that will make it all go away, haha. Two more weeks till my dentist appointment then my sanity will come back to me.

Being on the school board has made me re-think my career in politics. No matter what you do it seems like the system is slanted in favor of the other side.

Feel free to define the “other side” your self.

Check it out.

Nov 28

Check out my new fish tank ——————————————————>

The gold fish will follow your mouse cursor around. You can left click to drop some fish food out for them. Pretty cool little Google gadget in my opinion.

My tooth ache is somewhat under control for now. I went to Wally World and got some Clove Oil and some temporary filling stuff that tastes nasty. One drop of Clove Oil and then add some of the nasty tasting stuff equals about three days of relief.

My daughter, Zoe, comes up with some of the funniest sayings ever. She wanted to tell me something last night so she kept saying “Daddy, hear to this” and then she would start talking away. Instead of saying “listen to this” she somehow came up with “hear to this”. Instead of saying “what about this” she always says “who about this”, it must be the Mexican in her, haha.

Oh, Oh, I see a chance for a disclaimer here so I don’t get any hate comments, haha.
For anybody that doesn’t already know, I married a Mexican woman named Mari. My two wonderful children are half White (from me of course because I’m white) and half Mexican. I like to call them my little chiconkies. So if you are offended by any of my racial comments…don’t be. I have earned the right to say Mexican through 16 years of marriage.
End of Disclaimer.


Nov 25

Guess why I’m blogging right now at 5 AM, give it a shot.

I look around the house and I see Zack sound a sleep probably dreaming of a giant mythical battle where he is beating everybody around. Then there is Zoe a sleep. If you listen real close Zoe sounds like a little kitten purring when she is in a deep sleep. She is probably dreaming of a football game where she is cheer leader. Right next to Zoe is Mari, haha, that’s right, Zoe sleeps in our bed most of the time. When they are little let them sleep in the middle, right. Anyway Mari sleeps so quietly that you would think she must be getting the best rest ever. Then there is me, not sleeping, once again, this m%$#*& f*&% tooth ache is killing me. I’m to the point of just pulling this tooth myself if I don’t get relief soon. I really just want a filling put in but I would settle for getting it pulled right now. aaaahhhhhh.

Thanksgiving went pretty well for us. We got to see the family again and there was plenty of food. I kept the pain away with small doses of Ibuprofen so I wasn’t that much of a grouch. In my opinion I wasn’t that much of a grouch but there may be some difference in opinions on that one, haha. We still have one more Thanksgiving dinner to go and then we will be done. My mother always works the holidays so we celebrate a few days after to accommodate.

My dad had Thanksgiving with his sister and her family. I’m not to sure he is dealing with the holiday very well due to his divorce. If you haven’t been following my blog my dad is going through his fifth divorce, yes, that’s right, fifth divorce. He can’t deal with being lonely very long. I can’t say much because I don’t like being without my wife and kids very long.

I think I’m going to go and try to drift off to slumber land once again, wish me luck.

Other Tid Bits

Nov 21

Ha Ha, were did that title come from…who still uses the phrase “Tid Bits”? Well, I guess I do for now.

I worked on my boat this past weekend, very fulfilling experience. I love to work on my boat for some reason. I had to figure out how to winterize the boat so that it wouldn’t freeze up the motor and crack something. I was told that if you didn’t properly winterize your boat you would be spending about $2000 on your motor and another $3000 on a new lower unit. Not this poor boy, I figured it out. Sunday afternoon before winterizing the boat I got it all cleaned up and ready to go out on the lake for one more run before all the bad weather hits. Well, it didn’t happen but that’s ok. Time got away from me and it turned out to be too late in the afternoon to go. So now I’m looking forward to taking it out as soon as the weather allows. I want to go over to Lake Allen Henry and spend the night on the boat with my son doing some serious fishing for a weekend. I’ve been told be several different people that Lake Allen Henry is the best fishing lake around here. I don’t know if it is true but Zack and I will find out soon enough.

Anyhow, I pray that everybody has a good Thanksgiving.