Another Day

May 30

Casey…came and went. I didn’t get to spend all that much time with Casey and Tammy when they came down to Texas to visit. They spent most of all their time catching up with family. But they did stop by my office and talk for about an hour or so. It was good to see them and hear how things have been going in their lives. There will be more time another day for us to catch up…I always say, family first, then friends. And I fully understand how it is, you never seem to have enough time to visit with everybody that you want to when you go back home. Anyhow, it was good to see them even if it was for a short time.

This Memorial Day weekend has been a whirl wind for me. Too much going on and not enough time to really enjoy it. I did BBQ and drink more than my body could handle. And I feel like I ate the entire time…but I really didn’t, just feel like I did. My nephew graduated from Highland High this weekend so we got to visit with some family and others…lots of food, and I mean lots.

We went to see XMen, The Last Stand. It was assume awesome to say the least. I really enjoyed it…and it looks like there will be another one coming. The way this one ended left it open for another…can’t wait to see if that is true. I recommend everybody to catch it in the theater.

Oh yeah…I Had another Dream

May 25

Man…finally I had another dream that I can remember.

I was at my son’s school for some unknown reason checking on him. Zack turned to me and said…”Dad, your tits are showing. You didn’t put your bra on again.” I looked down and low and behold, I had tits. I was like WTF. So I touched them…yep, they were real. Instead of being embarrassed because everybody was looking at my tits I was amazed. They were very large for my frame size…haha, so if you know me then you know my frame size is large. So that means that my tits were giamongus (that is giant and humongus together). I couldn’t help but to touch them and tweak the nipples…lol…it was a funny ass dream.

Thought I would share. Oh, and my wife got mad at me in the dream cause I wouldn’t quit touching them. I really think she was just jealous of my giamongus, lushish tits.

Something to Ponder on

May 25

It’s funny how you forget happenings from your past. Like the first time you met somebody, what you were doing 10 years ago on this same date. How many times you have had sex…men just usually make up a number and women always say “your the only one…I swear”, haha. What was your first car, when was the first time that you were in the back seat of that car. Some people will remember every little detail about one, maybe two, certain events in their life. Like the birth of a child or their wedding day. Or the first day that they met their wife or husband. I guarantee that there isn’t anybody that I know that can remember every detail of their life up to present day. My wife might say that she can and the same with a few others out there. But I don’t think so. My wife always remembers every freaken little detail of our arguments…haha. And me, I can’t remember what the hell we were fighting about 15 minutes later. Typical man…I know.

Anyhow…Casey and Tammy are going to be in Texas for the weekend…I haven’t seen them in a while so hopefully we will all get together and catch up.

NU2 is getting closer…man, I can’t wait till then. If you haven’t sent your money in you should…Buster is out some money and it would be nice to know who is serious about going…it would give us a good head count.

More updates

May 16

Zoe made it through another game today. She fielded a couple of balls in left field and threw them about 10 feet from where she was standing, haha. The kids get to try and hit from the coach pitching on the first 3 pitches. If the kids don’t get a hit then they go to the tee and give it a shot. Zoe had to use the tee both times that she got to bat. She hit the ball pretty good off the tee but she never made it to first. Bless her heart, she was running as fast as she could which is not much faster than a turtle…hell, I bet some turtles are faster, anyway, she tried and she had a good time.

They lost I think, they don’t keep score but I really do think they lost…haha.

Maybe next time.


May 16

Man, I got hit pretty hard by the spammers last week…over 40 spam comments…that took a while to clean. I have got to do something very soon. I have to reinstall PHP on my server so I can correct some errors that I made on the original installation that is preventing me from using the php dlls. After I fix this I can add in the display of a dynamic image that contains numbers that you have to enter inorder to post a comment…then…no more spam…aaaahhhh.


Zoe is so fun to watch play T-Ball, they are having so much fun. She usually gets a hit off of the tee and makes it around the bases. I haven’t really gotten to sit and watch her play because of the schedules. Zack usually has a game at the same time Zoe and I coach Zack’s team so I miss Zoe’s game…sucks, but not tonight. I’ll get to watch her play.

Zack’s team is doing good so far. They have had one rain out and played three. The first two games were very close but they lost. And the last game they played, last night, they took the lead and never lost it…5 to 3 by the end of the 5th inning. They were so happy that they won and they all had a great time doing it.

More updates to come…