Jun 14

I finally have gotten my blog back. Godaddy turned it off back when they decided to quit hosting ColdFusion websites. Go figure, this site is running on php.

Anyway, I plan on starting to post regularly. I have a ton of things to
talk about to catch everybody up on what has been going on in my life. Hmmm, I’ll start tomorrow…haha.


Just finished packing for a tr…

Jun 14

Just finished packing for a trip to McKinney Texas for my daughter’s state softball tournament. I pray they do well; at least have fun.

Death of a Computer

Feb 20

My main home computer is on it’s last legs. Both hard drives are full and fragmented beyond repair and I keep having out of memory issues. I’ve installed plenty of RAM so I think it is all related to my hard drive issues. It is such a pain to have to move over my Quick Books and Money accounts. Having to reinstall software on the new computer then pull all my files from Carbonite.

I guess it could be worse but it still is a pain.

Too many late nights of progra…

Feb 18

Too many late nights of programming. I think it’s catching up to me now.

How about them Texas Rangers…..

Oct 22

How about them Texas Rangers…good game. World Series here we come.