Back at It

Aug 31

Well, I’ve been kind of out of it lately. I didn’t get to weigh myself until this past Monday so I really can’t say wether I lost weight or not. I should have lost weight this week cause I’ve been laid up in bed for 2 1/2 days with a bad ass ear ache. I thought I had felt the worst pain ever back when I had kidney stones…man, was I wrong. An ear infection tops the pain list for me. I’ll gladly give this crap to anybody that would take it from me so I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

Anyhow, I’m back to work finally but I’m still in pain.

Fat Tracking… The Next Big Thing

Aug 21

James, Casey, and I are starting somewhat of a competition over loosing weight. We are calling it “Fat Tracking” and I think the winner wins a whopping $20 bucks after a year. Really there is more to this than the money. We three are going to feel tons better physically and mentally. You never know, it may just add a few years to our lives. Anyhow, I’ll be posting here once a week about my trials with loosing weight…or gaining weight. My wife, Mari, will be working with me and she will be my driving force. I’m tired of saying that I don’t care what I look like and ignoring the fact that my health is going down hill. And I’m tired of aching in the mornings because my ankles and knees are having to carry around this big fat ass of mine.

So it Starts…lets pray that it finishes good…like about 60 pounds lighter. My target weight is 180 pounds and I’m certain that I will make it.

You will notice a new feature called the Fat Tracker at the top right side of my blog. This will be a quick view of the progress that I have made. There is also a link right below the Fat Tracker box that will show you a comparison of all participants progress. We will be comparing the percent of weight loss just to be fair. As soon as Casey gets his information ready and his site additions completed I’ll be adding him to the comparison page.

This is what James Cross has to say about it all.

What a Week….End, that is.

Aug 18

I survived another Nerds Unplugged weekend. It wasn’t easy, no sleep, gambling, drinking (120 + beers), fishing, boating, all out fun for 3 nights 4 days. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I really enjoyed catching up with some of my closest friends. We had a blast, I just don’t know how else to say it. The pictures are posted at and there is video coming soon. Still working on getting it all together but it will be worth it.

Last year we failed to take any video or pictures. So this year we made sure to get something down for proof and next year we hope to get even more. So if you can’t make it then you can see what you missed.

Anyhow, it was ASSUME…haha. I had to make fun of myself since EVERYBODY else is. All you have to do is misspell one word like awesome and you will never live it down.

For those of you who missed the NU2 trip sorry, you really did miss out but there will be NU3 coming next year.


Aug 09

Summer is coming to an end for all the kiddos, sucks…haha, for them right, not for the parents, just kidding.

Mari started her new job yesterday, orientation, exciting stuff I bet, yawn. After talking to her today at a late lunch I think she is going to love this new adventure called teaching. She is very nervous but excited as well. We shall see in a month or two how she truly feels about it.

I’m pretty excited myself. I will be heading down to Lake Buchannan for a long weekend with some close friends, fun fun fun, we call it “NU 2 or Nerds Unplugged 2”. You see, we are a bunch of nerds (programmers, networkers, computer people) that have stuck together for quite sometime now. It is a great feeling to have close friends like this. Anyhow, I can’t wait till we leave…just one more day to work through then off we go. I’ll be sure to write about it when I get back.