This Theme

Mar 26

It looks like I’m going to keep this one for a while. Or at least until I get time to build my own….and who knows when that will be. I have been so busy with working my job and my business that I haven’t had much time to enjoy life. I have made time to help with my son’s basketball league and one short fishing trip.

Anyway, I like this theme for now.

Funny Stuff.

Mar 20

I thought this was a funny video. I also wanted to test out my new YouTube plugin for WordPress.

Fast Tube by Casper

Another new Theme.

Mar 20

Ok, here is a new theme that I wanted to check out. I like the simplicity of this theme so far. Let me know what you think about it. I have a couple of more that I want to try.

What do you think about it?

Mar 05

Ok, I want everybody to leave a comment telling me what they think about this skin.

Personally, I liked it at first but the more that I poke around on it I’m finding things that I don’t like. I think it is too dark for one thing. I don’t like that you can’t see all the text or links in some areas of the site. I’m going to try some different skins and I would like some feed back.


Finally Moved

Mar 03

Finally decided to try a new blog engine. I’ll be playing with everything for a little bit to see what theme I like and settings that are best. I’ll probably get something for a temporary theme until I can build my own.

So far WordPress has been pretty easy to learn. I’ll start playing with the more complex parts of it soon.