Spam Filters for Blogs

Sep 28

As most of you know I’m using b2evolution as my blog engine. I have found that the Antispam tool for b2evolution is very powerful. There is an option that you can use to automatically download updated spam blocking lists. With this option enabled and up to date you will get very few, if any, spammers posting comments to your blog.

This tool is my friend, I will hug it, kiss it and call it George.


Sep 27

I’m at Waco right now getting some training; technology is always evolving. We are learning how to implement a new portal system for the TSTC West Texas Campuses. Have any of you heard of the Academus Portal? So far it is very straight forward and looks as if it will be very easy to implement and use from both sides of the fence, development and user.

I will be in Waco for a couple of days. I don’t think that I will ever get used to being away from home. I miss my wife and kids and the conveniences of home. If you hadn’t noticed, at this time I should be listening but so far the training is very boring. We are in the basic aspects of the portal training. When we get to the complicated aspects I will be able to stay awake and take some notes…till then…haha.

Oh My God, Hurry!!!!!!!!!

Sep 23

Oh My God, Hurry, everybody, listen…the sky is falling…the sky is falling.

You had better go right now and buy bread, water, and gas…as much as you can…store it in you boat or something…or a warehouse or something….haha

What ever.

People, if you really think that the sky is falling you should not worry about bread, water, or even gas. You should be buying as much beer as you possibly could. Get as drunk as you most possibly could. Then get over it, come on.

We are feeding the frenzy by over reacting!

We are not New Orliens…we are not 7 foot below sea level. Man, who would have thought that New Orliens was at risk? Ocean front property that is 7 foot below sea level. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. To top that off, lets rebuild it.

Enough ranting and raving…just tired of seeing all this panic for no reason.

Wild Dream

Sep 22

I had a wild dream last night that I wanted to share with everyone.

First, there was this show on TV that aired the other night. I can’t remember the name but it was about aliens attacking the earth by using hurricanes for cover. I didn’t get to see it so I don’t really know anything else about the movie.

Anyway, in my dream, my wife, two kids and I were heading to Midland to a party that Tim and Jessica Tipton were hosting. I was pretty excited because all of my close friends that I used to work with were going to be there. The weather was looking pretty bad on the way over to Midland but we didn’t think anything about it because we were going to be inside Tim’s new house. When we arrived in Midland the weather had taken a turn for the worse. There were very strong winds and lots of rain coming down. Since we had never been to Tim’s new house it took us while to find the street.

Now it starts getting weird. As we pulled up in front of Tim’s house we saw Jessica and Taylor outside knelling in what looked like a garden. There was a fence around the garden with a large archway for the entrance. We got out of the car, which I forgot to tell you what kind of car it was. The car was a Porsche that was jacked up about 4 foot off of the ground with giant mud grips…who knows, haha. On with the story, where was I, hmmm. Oh, we got out of the car and walked over to where Jess, that is short for Jessica, some of us that know her well, even sexually, call her Jess from time to time. Right before we got to Jess she stood up pulling Luke out of the ground. Jess turned to us and said, “Oh look, it is a boy and I’m going to call him Timothy”. Mari and I looked on in amazement. I heard some laughter coming from the house next door to Tim’s so I looked to see who it was. Wow, it was all of my friends from Sweetwater and they were having a party. A flash of lightening shot across the top of Tim’s 3 story gothic mansion. After the flash I noticed James and Tim standing on top of the roof adjusting the satellite dish. They were saying that they had lost the signal and couldn’t see James’s favorite team play, that would be the Dallas Cowboys, at least in my dream it was ;)

Anyway, we walk into the front door and there we stood, in the basement ??? who knows, it was a dream. We notice, through the window ??? again, who knows, a window in a basement, ha, we noticed that the storm was getting worse. Then alarms start going off and Mari starts yelling at me that there is a tornado coming. Tim corrects her, “No Mari, Don’t worry I’m here, You have nothing to Fear, it is not a tornado alarm, it is a hurricane alarm”. LMAO, a hurricane in Midland Texas plus, Tim was wearing red tights and some funny ass looking boots. I was looking out the window in the basement to see what the weather was doing. I noticed that there were parachutes everywhere, yellow parachutes with what looked like men wearing yellow rubber suits. I yelled to tell Tim and James and they said that they already knew. So when I turned to look at them it was no surprise. They both were already wearing camo and loaded with guns. Tim threw me my Remington 243, ??? once again, who knows, it was a dream ???, and we proceeded to shoot little green men wearing yellow suits. The aliens guns were tons better than ours of course. But we were given them hell. James fell, Tim fell, then I fell and woke up at the same time.

Funny dream, thought I would share that will everybody.

What a Weekend!

Sep 20

I just got back from a weekend of fun on the lake. At least it feels like I just got back. Actually I got home Sunday afternoon but as far as sleep goes I might be getting close to normal now. So really I feel like I just got back, :)

James, Buster and I had a great time at Possium Kingdom lake. After all the fishing, drinking, gambling, boating, skiing, wake boarding, fishing, anchor loosing, drinking, gambling, eating, credit card finding, eating, drinking was over with we were tired to say the least. If you noticed, I didn’t mention sleep anywhere above, haha. That’s because we didn’t sleep much at all. But we sure did have a good time and we will be doing this again, that’s for sure.

Now back to the grind.