Check it out.

Nov 28

Check out my new fish tank ——————————————————>

The gold fish will follow your mouse cursor around. You can left click to drop some fish food out for them. Pretty cool little Google gadget in my opinion.

My tooth ache is somewhat under control for now. I went to Wally World and got some Clove Oil and some temporary filling stuff that tastes nasty. One drop of Clove Oil and then add some of the nasty tasting stuff equals about three days of relief.

My daughter, Zoe, comes up with some of the funniest sayings ever. She wanted to tell me something last night so she kept saying “Daddy, hear to this” and then she would start talking away. Instead of saying “listen to this” she somehow came up with “hear to this”. Instead of saying “what about this” she always says “who about this”, it must be the Mexican in her, haha.

Oh, Oh, I see a chance for a disclaimer here so I don’t get any hate comments, haha.
For anybody that doesn’t already know, I married a Mexican woman named Mari. My two wonderful children are half White (from me of course because I’m white) and half Mexican. I like to call them my little chiconkies. So if you are offended by any of my racial comments…don’t be. I have earned the right to say Mexican through 16 years of marriage.
End of Disclaimer.

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