Catching Up!

Mar 27

I’m trying to catch up with my posting. Life has been very busy for me lately, other than work. Work seems to always be in the mix but this time it has been more family events and illnesses that have been keeping me busy. I like having my time being consumed by family events and I hate the time consumption by illnesses. My grandma is the illness that I’m speaking of and now my Uncle Billy is having tons of medical problems. Please keep praying for my grandma and add a prayer or two for my Uncle Billy.

I managed to take Zack and one of his friends, Tracer, camping over their Spring Break a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to post some pics of the event.

Zack and Tracer on a bluff
Zack and Tracer playing Star Wars on a bluff. The bluff was the space ship and you can’t see it but they had hundreds of sticks and rocks setup as bombs, swords, and guns.

Zack with his big catch...Carp
Zack caught the only fish on the trip…and it had to be a Carp, haha. It never fails, Zack always catches the first fish and usually the most fish. He’s a pretty good fisherman. I see some NU trips in his future. He will give James and I a run for our money.

Tracer in his sleeping bag.

Zack in his sleeping bag.

Zack and Tracer thought it was like midnight when they went to bed. They were saying how tired they were staying up so late and all. HaHa, little did they know it was 9:00 PM when they went to bed.

The only bad thing with the entire trip was that it turned out to be the coldest night of the week. Man, we froze our butts off sleeping in the tent. I got up at 8:00 AM just because I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get the fire going so I could thaw out.

All in all Zack and Tracer had a blast and I enjoyed making it happen.

New Website!

Mar 27

TSTC West Texas is holding a gaming contest in an effort to reach new students with technical skills. There will be a game skinning contest and a LAN gaming contest.

Here are the prizes.

Mod Competition:
1St Prize – Premier Gaming Desktop Computer & $500 Scholarship to TSTC
2nd. Prize – Gateway Laptop & $250.00 Scholarship to TSTC
3rd Prize – Gift Certificate to Best Buy & $100.00 Scholarship to TSTC

LAN Tournament:

Fear Combat
1st Prize – REZD Custom PC Gaming Case
2nd Prize – Gaming Keyboard
3rd Prize – $50 Gift Certificate – Donated by Walmart

Guitar Hero
1st Prize – Nintendo Wii –
2nd Prize – Guitar Hero wireless Guitar
3rd Prize – $50 gift certificate – Donated by Best Buy

Here is the link to the website that I had to build to help promote the competition.

TSTC REZD Competition

Check it out and give me some feed back.

Update on GrandMother

Mar 07

Thank you to all that are praying for my grandmother. We went to see her Sunday morning and I was expecting the worst. To my surprise she was sitting in a wheel chair taking a nap. I expected to walk into a room filled with family and everybody would be crying around my grandmother’s bed. Not the case. She is doing better than what I thought. She is dyeing but nobody know when other than God. The Hospice people recommended that we say our good byes now because her health is getting worse and they think that her days are numbered. I would love to keep her around for ever but that is being selfish on my part. Her quality of life is next to zero and she would definitely be better off in Heaven.

Now is the hardest part, waiting for that day to come, not easy.

Thank You for the Prayers!

My Grandmother

Mar 02

This is probably one of the hardest things that I have ever had to say. I found out yesterday afternoon that my mama Conner is about to die. She is 91 years old and has been in a nursing home for the past couple of years or so. She needed around the clock care due to her health. She came down with a kidney infection and ended up in ICU at the hospital. The doctors have been treating her with medication but they finally said that there wasn’t much else that they could do. So they sent her back to the nursing home with Hospice care so that she could live out what was left of her life. I just have a very very hard time understanding how a kidney infection could cause this. But everyone is telling me that it is due to her age. So what can you do? I hate this, I was very close with my mama and this is very hard for me to take. I still don’t understand why there isn’t anything that the doctors can do. With modern medicine you would think that something would work. I’m at a loss of words over this. I feel like a cop out because I keep telling myself that she had a wonderful, long life. It doesn’t help to say the words though. It’s hard just to type this post let alone to think of her being gone forever. I’ll be heading up to Cleburne this weekend to see her one more time before she dies. This weekend is going to be hard to get over…hell, it’s hard to just get it started.

I know that many other people have had to deal with this sort of thing. But ya know, it’s always easier to be the person standing on the other side saying…it will be ok, just don’t worry about, she will be in a better place…it’s so much easier to be that other person.

Please say a little prayer for my mama Conner so that she can find her way to Heaven. And pray for me and my family so that we can find the strength needed to get through this sorrow and loss.

Thank you…