Back to School

Jul 31

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over already. The kids are fixing to start school once again. Zoe will be going to pre-K this year out at Highland and Mari will be starting her new job teaching out there as well. I can remember when I used to start school at the beginning of September. I guess those days are gone for good now. I think the goal now days is to keep the kids in school year round. That way the ISDs become the baby sitters and the parents don’t have to deal with them. I’ve seen this trend more and more lately…let the TVs baby sit the kids, dump them off with anybody that is willing, come up with every excuse in the world to leave them with the in-laws or grand parents.

For me, I would rather keep track of my own. I would go back to long summers in a heart beat. You hardly would ever see me or my wife without our children with us. Isn’t that what having children is all about? I think so.

Vacation Time Baby!

Jul 28

Just got back from a nice vacation down…way down in South Texas. We went down to visit Mari’s sister and her family. Then we headed over to South Padrea for lots of fun and fishing.

First off, let me tell you, IT IS VERY VERY HOT DOWN THERE. I’m not kidding, fat people melt down there, haha. Zack and I caught a lot of fish, mainly trout, off of the pier, bay boat, and deep sea boat. I have some pics that I posted on Flickr, thanks to Casey.

I caught a 25lb. 29 in. Black Drum on my little Zebco 33 with 10lb. test line. It was a highlight of the trip for me. Took around 15 minutes to tire him out just so I could get him close to the pier. Took another 20 min. just to get him onto the pier. Fun Fun Fun.

Here are some Pics:

Vacation 06 Pics

Take a look and remember that there will be more and more added as I have time.

Best Days of My Life

Jul 28

Every year I have the best day of my life, it is July 6th.

This day for me always reminds me of the start of my life.

All of the great times that I’ve had and all of the great times yet to come.

This day has opened the door for me to be closer to Christ, the birth of my children.

Zoe 4 Years Old

Zack 9 Years Old

This day has brought me a true companion for life.

This day made it possible for me to go home to a loving family.

This day is the date of my wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife, Mari.


It has been the greatest 15 years of my life.

Good Ole Days

Jul 10

“Times are changing”

Just what does that phrase mean? I have been hearing it more and more lately. For me it means just that; Everything that we know of is changing. The price of gasoline is the most obvious change. I still remember when I was concerned that the price of a gallon of gas was hitting $1.00. And now, gas is getting closer and closer to $3.00 per gallon. It is so funny when I hear somebody saying “I saw where gas was $2.59 per gallon over on the other side of town, Man, that’s cheap”.

Whatever, cheap is still outrageous to me.

Then you have the price of natural gas and electricity more than doubling, ouch. And all you hear on the radio is how the cost of electricity really isn’t any higher now than before the deregulation. All you can do is laugh afterwards because at the end of the commercial you hear, “This add paid for by some electric company”. Well hell yeah they are gonna say that in hopes to get another penny out of you. I for one know that the electricity was cheaper back then because first off, I have never paid for an electric bill that is as high as now, hello.

I can hear it now…the same old excuse as always, inflation…whatever. I just heard on the news that last month wages increased, WTF. Where did this happen because I haven’t seen an increase and none of my friends or family have seen it either, that I know of. So I guess somebody in Washington got a raise and decided to report it as if everybody did.

The “Good Ole Days” are gone when it comes to Free Country in my mind. I need a raise to relieve some of the pressure of rising costs. And I think everybody reading this could use some relief as well.

After all the venting…I still wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love the USA. You will always know when your talking with a true American because they are usually bitching about something.

Why do we bitch? Because we can. Gotta love America.