Catching Up!

Oct 26

The way time interacts with life is funny.

When we were little kids outside playing, time seemed to drag along and the day would never end. But the day always did end and it seemed to always end with me having to take a bath because I would be so dirty from playing all day. Man, those were the days, no worries, no pressure to get things done, no job :).

Then we grow up and the days become short. Time starts to fly by, sometimes leaving us behind. We gain responsibilities, worries, pressure, jobs, but we also gain friends. Some of which I consider life long friends. Then you and your friends end up living in different time zones. But you can still keep up with each other by way of the Internet. It’s still not the same as seeing them in person.

This past weekend I got to see Casey. He and his wife, Tammy, made it down to Texas to see her sister get married. Mari and I went to the dance with them. If your not familiar with Mexican weddings, there is usually always a dance after the wedding. We really enjoyed catching up with them but as it goes, there wasn’t really enough TIME to honestly catch up.

We are going to have to plan a four-day weekend for the next Nerds Unplugged soon. We should consider having one in the winter doing winter sports, families included, and one in the summer, families included, doing summer activities. And one more in the summer, men only, doing men/geek stuff.

To sum it all up. I have noticed that the older we get the faster time passes us by. And when your with some good friends your always out of time.

New Type of a Mouse

Oct 21

This is a funny video…nothing scarry, it is really funny. So check it out.

A New Type of a Mouse



Oct 21

This is a classic so I had to post a link to this video.

Ghostly Car Ad

If you haven’t already seen the video or even heard of it I’ll give you the history behind it.

There was a car company that wanted to make a commercial for the new line of their cars that they were selling. So they hired a company to do this for them. During the shooting of the commercial there were tons of accidents that happened…people got hurt and others seen odd looking mists that were said to be ghosts. Now, if your like me you probably have a hard time believing in ghosts. But watch this video and see if this changes the way you think. When the producer and the editor were previewing the commercial footage they noticed that there was a white mist following the car. The mist followed right behind the car and then vanished. You will notice this about half way through the video.

Good luck.

Find the Differences

Oct 21

Well, it’s Friday once again and I thought everybody could use a good laugh.

Click this link and see if you can find 3 differences between the two pictures that come up. Make sure that you have the sound on so you can hear the funny music playing in the back ground. Keep in mind that this is a foreign site so the text will not be in English.

Find the Differences

Have fun!

AMD Processors

Oct 17

I have found from building several new computers that AMD by far out performs Pentium. My favorite so far is the AMD Athlon chips. All of the benchmark tests that I have performed show that AMD out performs the Pentium in just about every category, wow. Buster had always said that AMD was the best. Well, now I’m a believer. Sorry to ever doubt you Buster. The only draw back is that AMD runs hotter than the Pentiums but case fans are cheap so this isn’t a problem.

AMD Sempron is a very good chip also. I haven’t tried any of the 64 bit AMD chips yet but I’ve heard they are very good also.

AMD…just keeps getting better and better.