Once Again

Nov 10


Whether I like it or not I’ll be starting back on the fat tracking program. I had gotten sick and decided that I couldn’t stay to a diet while being sick, haha. So Monday, I’ll be weighing in again and getting back into a steady workout routine. I have got to loose all this weight before it kills me.

So, there it is.

Goals in Life

Nov 01


I wanted to post some of my goals that I have set but not achieved yet.

  1. To be a better Christian
  2. To be a better Husband
  3. To be a better Father
  4. To become a member of the School Board
  5. To become a member of the City Council
  6. Learn how to fly a helicopter
  7. To become the Mayor of Roscoe
  8. To get baseball into the school system
  9. To become a member of the Texas House of Representatives
  10. To become a Texas Congressman
  11. To become the Texas Governor

I’m an average person that wants to make an above average difference….haha, campaign slogan.

I truly believe that I will achieve these goals before I die. If not, who are you going to tell, I’ll be dead.


Nov 01


I have finally seen a program of my design get implemented and used all over the State of Texas.

The story:
My sister-in-law, Juanita Garcia, complained to me about a part of her job for several months while we commuted back and forth to work. She is in the recruiting department at the college that she and I work for. Part of her job is to enter lead cards, prospects, into a system that will track them until they become applicants of the college. She would have hundreds of these cards to enter into the system for four different campuses and then mail out packets of information to the prospects. This became a major time consumption issue for her due to the fact that her normal duties would not get done. So, one day I asked her why they didn’t have a system that was web capable and that would allow the recruiters to enter these lead cards while they were out on the road. And why the other campuses didn’t enter their own lead cards into the system. Her answer was that the system would not allow this to happen. So as a programmer I naturally asked her why didn’t they just build a system that would allow this to happen. Then life would be happier for her because her job would be easier. So Juanita’s response to my questions was…build us a system that would allow this to happen.

A few months later I did. This was the birth of the Prospect Management System, PMS for short, haha. I introduced the system to the college and they jumped on the opportunity to use it. Now, a year and a half later, the entire Texas system has decided to use it as well. So with some changes the PMS is now being used by all the campuses related to us in Texas, 8 to be exact.

My PMS tool has been compared to another software package that cost a whopping $500,000.00 dollars with three months of training to learn how to use it, nice. My PMS tool was pretty much free to them and it takes about 30 minutes to learn how to use it. I think I need to come up with a new version of it, patent it, then sell it, haha…that would be nice.

I usually don’t brag about my doings but this project made me very happy and my pride got the best of me.