Game of the Season!

Oct 24

Zack and his team, Saturday, had the best game of their season. They played the best team in the league and held them to a score of zero. Zack’s team is called the Ravens and this other team is called Ice. The Ravens played some awesome “Assume” defense. The final score was a tie at 0 to 0 but the stats showed the Ravens as the winners. The Ravens had over 16 goal shots. They executed the 3 man and 4 man attack plays that we had been practicing. They were passing, cutting off, guarding very well for the entire game. I am very proud of them for coming together as a team and doing as good as they did in this game. They still had a blast even though they didn’t win, that’s what really counts.

In the first half the Ravens had 7 goal shots and the Ice had 1. We played 23 minutes of the first half on their end of the field. Ice had 4 defenders covering and a goalie covering their goal.

In the second half the Ravens had 9 goal shots and the Ice had 4. We played about 18 minutes of the second half on their end of the field.

We had some very close goal shots but nothing would go in. The kids were great and it was a fun game to watch.

For Zoe…she said that she would rather be the cheer leader than play in it, haha. Sometimes she likes to play but then there is the other times. She has fun either way and at least she is out there doing something.

Step Back, it’s a Religous Question.

Oct 24

I want your thoughts on this. I figured I would get some opinions from my readers.

If you taking Holy Communion do you truly believe that you are drinking the blood of Jesus Christ or is it just a symbolic gesture in your religious practices?

I was asked this question the other day and it got me to thinking. I do believe in Jesus Christ and I strengthen my bond to Jesus when I participate in Holy Communion but do I really believe that what I’m drinking is the blood of Jesus. I know that it is wine and that the bread is bread but it is said that the bread is the body of Christ and the wine is the blood of Christ. So I guess for me it is a symbolic representation.

Either way, Jesus Christ if my savior.

So what do you think?

Cold Down Here!

Oct 20

I was just reading James’s Blog and he was talking about how cold it has been. It has been very cold here also which makes it harder to get well from whatever the hell I have. It feels like rigamortus or something…haha, yeah, I feel like I’m dead. Not really, it was bad but I think that I’m finally getting to the end of whatever it was. I agree with what James said, Fall tis here, for sure.

We still have two soccer games left for Zack and Zoe. Zack has been doing great lately making goals and some cool plays and he has done pretty good at keeping the other team from scoring. Now Zoe, haha, what can I say, she is being Zoe. She probably could care less about the game. I think she likes getting dressed up in the uniform more than playing ;). I think she will be our little gymnast. She loves gymnastics and she is doing very well with it. She comes home doing all kinds of cart wheels and flips and stuff, it all has names but I have no clue what they are, haha. Olympics here we come.

Mari is liking her new job teaching the kids. I think she has figured out that she would rather teach the little kids than the big kids. The big kids think she is a MILF, haha, I sure do.

Anyway, later.

Sickly Days!

Oct 08

Man…sick again. This has been a nightmare of a year for me being sick. I feel like I have one foot in the grave already…not good. I can’t get motivated to do anything lately either. It’s a struggle to get my web development, networking projects, or just household projects done.


You Know What

Everything always gets better. So I plan on getting better, I plan on getting more of my work done, for myself and at home.

Now lets see if it happens…haha.