Funny Stuff.

Mar 20

I thought this was a funny video. I also wanted to test out my new YouTube plugin for WordPress.

Fast Tube by Casper

AVG 8 .bin error

Dec 12

For all you geeks out there running the AVG 8 anti virus program there has been another bad update sent out. You will get a message that your not protected because there is a .bin file missing. You really are still protected but your not gonna be able to get any new updates until AVG Tech fixes the update, which should be today. So tomorrow when you get the new update it will fix the problem. They have had this error a couple of times in the past. There are ways that you can fix it manually but truly it’s not worth the effort because they will have it fixed by tomorrow.

Anyhow, I’m in the office early today, got here at 8 AM, lol. Some of you are saying “That’s not early”, well, for me it is. I’m usually in by 10 AM and work till 5 or 6 in the afternoon. So it looks like I will have to leave around 3 or 4 today, awwww, lol.

MacBook Pro 17

Dec 10

I have finally gone over to the dark side…haha. I’m now officially a MacBook Pro 17 owner, well, at least it is mine as long as I work for the State. The funny thing is I’m running BootCamp on OS X so that I can dual boot into Windows XP. I do most of my work on the MacBook in Windows XP due to the programs that I have to run. I do my graphic work in OS X so I can utilize the power of the Mac for rendering. It’s truly odd how the Mac can run Microsoft Windows products better than IBM compatible systems. I had heard how Vista ran better on a Mac box than a Windows box but I really never gave it much thought until now.

I’m a believer now and I don’t think that I will turn back.

I’m using the MacBook Pro 17 connected to a 23 inch cinema Apple monitor, loving the high def. for sure.

Did You Have…

Dec 03

Well, did you, come on, you can tell me. Did you have a happy Thanksgiving or not? I sure did and now I’m feeling the after effects. I ate entirely too much food, like usual. I enjoyed visiting with all the family and friends. I fried my first turkey this year and it turned out great. It was the best turkey that I have ever had, no lie, it really was.

We had a blast this year and I hope that everybody else did too.

Modern Times

Nov 25

I’ve finally decided to catch up with modern times. I’ve started text messaging, wow. I know, some of you are out there saying, “wth” or “lol”. The way this all came about was by me looking at how much I had been paying on my cell bill and realizing that it was cheaper for me to upgrade to a bigger and better plan that included unlimited text messaging. I’m actually saving around $100 bucks a month by upgrading. Crazy to think that it is cheaper to have more but it’s true now days.

I love it, I can send a quick little message to my wife or my son. Get a quick response back and then we are done. No need for a phone call. I still like a phone conversation better than the text message but you can text when the call can’t be made.