Christmas With a Capital “C”

Nov 29

I love this message because I’m sick and tired of everybody removing everything that mentions Christ my savior.

Christmas With a Capital “C”

Why should I care if an athiest gets offended by me saying Christ? The USA allows the right to worship any religion that you want to. For me that means that you can worship or not and nobody can say anything about it. But people need to understand that this country was founded on Christianity so naturally the name “Christ” will be highly visible in many areas of this country. We as Americans are saying that everybody will be welcome in our country and that they have the right to worship as they want to. Now that they are here they have the nerve to try and change the way that we worship. We are having to remove any trace of our religious beliefs. I say forget that, your in my house so you will need to respect me and mine. I’m not going to walk into your house and disrespect you just because I disagree with something you have or do. If somebody literally came into my house and told me that I needed to take all the crosses down off of my walls because it offends them. I would tell them that they are a guest in my house and that if they didn’t like it then get out.

America is my house so if you don’t like the way we have it then get out.


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