Nov 25

Guess why I’m blogging right now at 5 AM, give it a shot.

I look around the house and I see Zack sound a sleep probably dreaming of a giant mythical battle where he is beating everybody around. Then there is Zoe a sleep. If you listen real close Zoe sounds like a little kitten purring when she is in a deep sleep. She is probably dreaming of a football game where she is cheer leader. Right next to Zoe is Mari, haha, that’s right, Zoe sleeps in our bed most of the time. When they are little let them sleep in the middle, right. Anyway Mari sleeps so quietly that you would think she must be getting the best rest ever. Then there is me, not sleeping, once again, this m%$#*& f*&% tooth ache is killing me. I’m to the point of just pulling this tooth myself if I don’t get relief soon. I really just want a filling put in but I would settle for getting it pulled right now. aaaahhhhhh.

Thanksgiving went pretty well for us. We got to see the family again and there was plenty of food. I kept the pain away with small doses of Ibuprofen so I wasn’t that much of a grouch. In my opinion I wasn’t that much of a grouch but there may be some difference in opinions on that one, haha. We still have one more Thanksgiving dinner to go and then we will be done. My mother always works the holidays so we celebrate a few days after to accommodate.

My dad had Thanksgiving with his sister and her family. I’m not to sure he is dealing with the holiday very well due to his divorce. If you haven’t been following my blog my dad is going through his fifth divorce, yes, that’s right, fifth divorce. He can’t deal with being lonely very long. I can’t say much because I don’t like being without my wife and kids very long.

I think I’m going to go and try to drift off to slumber land once again, wish me luck.