Oct 29

Here is a link to a very interesting article for all you technology nerds out there. I always love to see projected salary increases for technology related jobs.


Give it a read and post back in a comment your thoughts.

Divorce, The Big ‘D’

Oct 24

I’ll never understand why so many people out there keep getting married just to get divorced. My dad is one of those unlucky fools that can’t seem to be alone for more than a minute. Some of the best times in your life could happen when your alone. For some, their first orgasm, for others, catching that big bass, for me, standing on the other side of a big glass window watching my newborn son holding his ear.

In my opinion kids suffer the most when a divorce happens. That is if there are kids involved of course. I was one of those children that unwillingly suffered through a divorce. It got ugly and we were used as pawns in some sort of one sided fight that my brothers and I had no idea was going on. But, in time we figured it all out, or so I like to think. I guess this is why I find it hard to understand how people get divorced. I’ll never understand why people get divorced five times though, haha. You would think that after the first….three divorces you would get the hint. After the fifth divorce somebody really needs to tell that person that it just isn’t going to work, give it up just shack up, haha.

Tip a beer, say a prayer, make a cross, shake a chicken head in the air, get down on your hands and knees on a rug, talk to the mother ship, or whatever your religion/beliefs call for….Just do this for all the people that have suffered through a divorce less than or equal to three times.

Four times….slap them after doing all the above.

Five times….after doing all the above give them the movie “Broke Back Mountain” and advise them to try something new.

Just my thoughts.

Fall is Here

Oct 18

I slipped a little bit on my daily blogging so I need to catch up.

I’ll be making a car payment for the local dentist here very soon. He will have to fix my tooth in return. I have had a head ache for the last month or so that I thought was from a sinus infection but now I know that part of it was due to my tooth. Oh well, life goes on.

We thought that Zack had broken his wrist the other day playing soccer. As a goal keeper Zack is willing to do what ever it takes to keep the ball out of the goal, he is an awesome goal keeper. He dove to keep the ball out of the goal and bent his wrist back towards him just a little bit too far. He didn’t break it just sprained it.

I’m not ready for the cold that is coming. This Fall has been hitting me hard.

Hump Day

Oct 10

James, I do like saying hump, haha. I haven’t been able to blog for a week now and I was doing so well.

My outlook on work, business, my dad, ect. has gotten better. I have prayed over these things so many times and I’m still not sure that I have an answer. But, I have decided to except whatever happens. If it works out that I start my business full time then so be it. If I go to work for somebody else or even if I stay right were I’m at, so be it. If my dad gets married for the sixth time, lol, so be it. I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I have been taking out my frustrations on my family and that’s going to stop. I will be happy and whatever happens, happens.

This weekend looks like a great weekend for a camping trip. I think I’m going to pack everything up and take the family camping. The weather is getting colder so we had better do it now before too late. I can see it now, boat, tents, camp fire, bbq, beer, fishing, beer, hookers…oh, wait, this isn’t Nerds Unplugged, haha. Not really, we don’t have hookers on the NU trips, just lots of beer and bbq.

Congratulations goes out to James and Mashala, they might just become home owners in the near future. We’ll pray for you two.

Hump Day

Oct 03

This day flew by for me. I’m still a bit grumpy but feeling better about all the things going on around me. I’ve decided to try and not worry about anything anymore, haha, good luck right. Life is too short to worry about everything. Too much worrying seems to get in the way of having fun.

So fun it is.

I want to retire 10 years from now, that would be nice if I could reach that goal.

I’m ready to load up Mari, Zack, and Zoe and head to the lake for some camping. Maybe in a week or two we will be able to make that happen. Throw in some family, BBQ, beer and we will have a good time. I think Zack is ready for some fishing and I know that I’m ready. He loves to get out on the boat and mess around.

I need to start letting Zack drive the car more also so it won’t be too hard for him to get his license. He is ten years old ya know. ;)