Friends, Family, and Fun

Nov 30

Well, it has been a short while since my last post so I thought it was time for an update.

Family and friends are amazing. I don’t see much point to life if you don’t have one or the other. My world rotates around my family mainly but I will have to say, my friends are pretty important to me also. I say this to say, I had a great Thanksgiving and I hope that all my family and friends had a great Thanksgiving as well.

We had Thanksgiving at our house again this year. I really love having it at our house mainly for the convenience. We had around 32 people come this year. Every year the numbers seem to grow…new baby, new spouse marring into the family, new friends. If this keeps up we will have to start renting the Community Center for our get togethers. The food was great and there was tons of it, plenty to go around. I ate way to much once again and let me tell you, with my weight these days I really shouldn’t be eating at all, haha. We had a great time.

I talked to Casey last night. It was so funny…let me tell you, not only does he cry on Andy’s tits but he also plays the banjo when he goes to the bathroom. This needs some explaining…so here it goes. I called him last night just to catch up. Tammy answered the phone so we talked for a minute or so. The entire time we were talking I could hear a banjo playing in the background…actually sounded pretty good. I asked her where Casey was and she said that he was in the bathroom…no further explanation needed there…haha. I asked who was playing the banjo and she said that Casey was playing it. I said that I thought he was in the bathroom…haha…she said he was and that he loves to play the banjo when he goes to the bathroom…haha. I have heard of singing in the shower but never bathroom banjoing.

By the way…he actually sounded good.

I want all my friends that are still OneTravel prisoners to know that I am praying for them. My prayers are that ya’ll get something better out of your careers and that ya’ll don’t get hung out to dry. I know there are lots of changes happening and coming I just hope that the changes have a positive affect on your lives.

Enough family, friends, and fun for now.

Help with Linux

Nov 22

Ryan, I told Big A (Andy Stockwell) that I would link a post back to his blog. He is working on some Linux stuff and probably could use your help. I have no clue what to tell him…blind leading the blind…haha.

Here is his post on his blog…inspired

I’m Back

Nov 17

Man, I was getting worried. For unknown reasons my DSL service went down sometime early this morning. When this happened my wireless router messed up. It took some hard thinking and good luck to get everything back up and running on the web. Really it wasn’t that hard. All I did was reset everything and wait for DNS updates to kick in. Just thought it sounded better to add drama to the situation.

Corey’s Blog is Dead Once Again

Nov 15

Corey, what’s up with your blog? It doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Chime in and let us know how your doing and when we can expect your blog to be back up and running.

More About Learning Linux

Nov 04

I have changed from Fedora Core 4 to Redhat Enterprise AS 4 now due to guidelines that I have to follow here at the college. We have support for Redhad Enterprise bought and paid for so they said that I need to comply.

There really isn’t much difference between the two…I’m finding it to be just as hard to learn as Fedora…lol.

I have successfully learned how to set up FTP now, actually gFTP to be exact. I transferred about a gig of data from my Windows server to my Linux server. I was expecting the transfer time to be around an hour or longer due to FTP. Man was I ever wrong. I don’t know if it is Linux or what but the transfer rate was 560 kb to 600 kb per second, wow. Major difference from Windows IIS FTP transfer rates. Maybe it was just a good connection, I don’t really know but I’m willing to bet that Linux has something to do with it.

I have also successfully set up mysql so now I’m off to start adding tables that I will be needing for my project. Then I will be installing the Moodle LMS so I can finish my proof of concept for my project.

For all you Linux and Unix programmers out there…Hats Off To You.