Bragging about Zack

Apr 24

My son, Zack, played his first baseball game of the season Saturday. Well, it was really a preseason game but you know what I mean. Anyhow, he did such a great job, I’m so proud of him. He was third of fourth in the lineup for batting and he started in Center field. His positions are: Center Field, Second Base, Pitcher, and Catcher. His first hit for the day was a hard punch right over the short stop but the short stop got his glove on it and almost caught it. He dropped it and Zack made it to first base. The next pitch Zack stole second base and the next pitch after that he stole third base. A couple of pitches after that Zack stole home for another point…wow. It was great to watch him play and to coach his team. All the kids did great for the day but I am obligated to brag on my son…haha. Friday is our next game so I’ll be posting updates as we go.

Great Start

Apr 24

We have finally gotten our base ball season started. Saturday we had opening ceremonies; announcing all the players and handing them their hats…the kids loved it. Then rush them off to the outfield to get their pictures taken. We had our t-ball teams play each other and then the midget league teams played each other. Then the real deal…we had all the coaches and parents play against the freshman team. We had a great time and a very good turnout. I was very impressed with everything.

I couldn’t have asked for a better opening…for me, this means that summer has started.

Here is Zoe:

Zoe running to first base!
She was running so fast above her helmet fell off.
Zoe on second base!

I don’t have any pictures of Zack yet but when I do get some you can expect to see them posted.

Spam Spam Spam

Apr 21

Well, here is an update on my spam battle. I had added a b2evolution blog for TSTC’s president the other day.

TSTC’s President Blog

It was getting hit harder with spam than my own blog so I had to do something about it. I added an image authorization code that you have to enter before submitting your comment. And so far so good…no more spam as of yet. So naturally I wanted to add it to my blog BUT, of course it can’t be that easy. My installation of php will not allow me to run certain dlls that I need for this image auth code. So I guess I will be upgrading my server very soon so I can add this thing and get rid of the damn spam…hurah…hurah.

I noticed that I’m not the only unlucky one out there…I was checking Buster’s blog this morning and notice some spam on there also. Good luck Buster, you should give this image authorization stuff a try.

Hello There

Apr 20

Hello there, I’m Benny Cornett. Thought I had to introduce myself to everybody out there since it has been so long since I’ve posted. I figured that nobody would know who I am, haha.

I celebrated my daughters 4th birthday a couple of days ago. Let me tell you, it is one hard thing to do to watch your little girl grow up. Both of my kids are growing up right before my eyes. I didn’t think it would be hard to deal with but it is.

I’ve been working very hard on the Roscoe baseball field trying to get it ready for the season start coming this Saturday. This year we have a good group of guys on the board. The majority of them have been helping with all the work; it sure makes it easier when they help. We have redone all the bases and pitchers mound. Added a couple of inches of chat to the baselines and home plate area. It actually turned out to be 20 yards of chat that we used…haha.

Anyhow, life goes on, right.

Play Ball…

Apr 11

Well, baseball has kicked off full force here in the Roscoe area now. I am on the baseball board and I’m also coaching my son’s team, 7,8, & 9 year olds, the Indians. Last year we were a very young team but this year almost everybody returned and it looks like we are going to do fairly well as far as wins go. My schedule has turned into a nightmare now but every minute that I spend with my kids is well worth it, imo. Zack can’t wait till practice starts every other day. If he had it his way we would be practicing every day including weekends. I love to see the excitement in his eyes and the dedication that he has for the game. He tries so hard at every position that he plays; it amazes me. Zoe started T-Ball this year and she seems to be loving it. She is so cute in her little outfit and little baseball cleats. And her comments about everything keeps us rolling. At practice yesterday she thought that she was going to get a trophy after practice for stopping a ball. There was a little boy running around stopping every ball hit so when it came to Zoe’s turn to stop the ball that little boy ran over and got the ball before she could. So what does she do, goes right over and slaps the crap out of the little boy for getting in her way. She said that she wanted a trophy and for him to stay away and let her stop the ball. hahaha And let me tell you, she can slap hard.