Life is moving on…

May 25

I can’t believe how busy my life has been in the past two months. I want to highlight some of the happenings but I don’t know where to start.

Zoe had her 5th birthday last month and Mari had her…hmm…25th birthday at the beginning of this month. Baseball is going full swing right now and I’ve very busy with that. Zack and Zoe both are playing very well and having tons of fun with it. This is my first season being the president of the baseball board and I have only been cussed out once so far. I’m sure that are a few others that would love to cuss me out. I have also been elected, by popular vote, to the Roscoe School Board, wow. We had our first meeting the other night. Man, there is a lot of crap that goes with that position. My business hasn’t slowed down any. I was hoping for a break while baseball was going on but that hasn’t happened yet.

All in all, life is good but very busy for the time being.

Video Player

May 08

If you noticed there is a video player at the top of the right hand nav now. I plan on adding a different video every week…key word here is “Plan”, haha. Anyhow, click on it and give me some feed back. The current video is from the Drew Carey Show when Richard Simmons was there…funny stuff.

Beans Beans the Musical Fruit

May 07

Tracey had the perfect timing when she said in a comment “Beans Beans the Musical Fruit”. This just came to me in an email and I wanted to share it.

Click the link below.

How Nice!

Enjoy. ;)