I’ll Never Understand

Jun 26


Some things will never cease to amaze me. I came across an article that had a link back to an old web site that James Cross and I had originally built. Well, to make a long story short I found another link on the site that made me curious. It was news articles about Onetravel and the company that bought it.

This Article tells what happened to my ex-boss which reassures me that the other company has no clue about this man. Then there is
This Article which, in particularly, made me angry, third paragraph. There is a part about my ex-boss in the article that makes him out like some saint or something. Well let me tell you, I know this man and he is no where near a saint…he is more evil and manipulative than any person that I have ever, ever known or even heard of.

I’ll Never Understand why the rich man keeps on dancing while the poor man pays the band.

Feelen tha Grillen

Jun 24


Ever since the weather has started warming up so has my grill. I have gotten the grillen fever. I spend a lot of time now days thinking about cooking on the grill…outside…lots of meat (brisket, steaks, sausage, hotdogs, burgers)…beer. It’s call BBQ, the only thing better is more of it.

The other day I cooked 6 briskets and let me tell you. They would just melt in your mouth. Hell, I was trying to cut them up and they just fell apart. I marinated them over night using the infamous Claudes brisket marinade. Then wrapped them up in aluminum foil and threw them on the grill. I kept the grill between 250 and 300 degrees, as best as I could while getting drunk…haha, so you know that it was more like between 150 and 650 degrees. They cooked for at least 10 hours, I just left them on all night. Man, they were the best briskets that I have ever made by far.

A couple of days ago I finished rebuilding my BBQ pit. Originally I had made it about 13 years ago. The stand that I had made for it finally rusted enough that it broke. So I rebuilt the stand, but this time I went with a different design. My brother-in-law came up with some good ideas on what to make and I listened and built it. Now my pit has four legs, wheels, and new support for the grill inside, and 2 tables…nice. All that is left is painting it black with the heat resistant paint.

All of this just to say…

I had to try it out. So I marinated some top sirloins for a couple of hours then threw them on the grill. My God…I get emotional when I try to talk about it…yum yum.

Burgers are good but a steak can be great.

New Content

Jun 22


I want to start adding new content to my blog now. I will be adding sections for video’s, pictures, and other things of that nature. I think everybody knows what I mean.

Here is a sample of a video, Check It Out!

These new sections will start popping up soon.

Time to Catch up

Jun 14


Man, a week has gone by already…where does the time go.

I would like to ask everybody to say a prayer for a good friend of ours, Tim Tipton and his dad, JR. All I know is Tim’s dad had a heart attack and had surgery because of it. I don’t know if he is ok or not, I’m praying that he is and so can you.


Update on my tooth: It appears that I made the correct choice, my tooth is not hurting at all. So, I guess I don’t need a root canal after all, or at least not yet.

Corey Molinar just released his blog site. I would like to welcome him to the blogging ranks, Good job Corey, how many kids do you have now? I was reading one of your blogs the other day and you mentioned “all your kidos”. I’ll have to add your blog site to my friends and family links.

Check out my live, not so live, doppler feed that I added. Not much to it but I like it for now.

Dentist Appointment

Jun 07


x-ray I went to the dentist today and got some x-rays done to see what was going to have to be done to fix two of my teeth. Low and behold, he told me that I would need a root canal done on one of my teeth and the other would just be a filling. I personally don’t want to get a root canal done so I asked
him if he would just give me a filling instead. Well, he said that he advised against it but he would if that is what I really wanted. Well, the cost is about $800 dollars difference. So naturally he would want to give me the root canal and a crown but I insisted so he just gave me a filling.
Working on it
Getting nervous I was scared that the cleaning of the cavity out would dig into the root and I would end up getting a root canal done anyway. But I figured that it was worth the risk. So far so good, I don’t think that he got into the root at all, I have no pain as of yet and hopefully I won’t get any surprises tomorrow.
I was scared