One of God’s Many Blessings!

Aug 21

While trying to buy a boat all I’ve been hearing from friends and family has been, “Where would you take a boat around here?”. You see, around Sweetwater all the lakes have dried up to almost nothing. There is a lake that is close by, Lake Colorado City, about 20 minutes away. So naturally I would respond to all the comments with, “Well, Lake C-City is just down the road”. I had made the comment that the lakes around Sweetwater would fill up but all I would get in return was “yeah right, maybe ten years from now”.

The deal is I had faith that the lakes would fill up soon. I don’t claim to know the future but I do have faith in God. And by having faith in God I knew that he would fill the lakes up when he was ready. Well, guess what, he was ready Friday night. It started raining Friday evening and didn’t stop until Saturday afternoon. When the rain stopped falling Lake Oak Creek was running over the spill way, Lake Trammel was running over the spill way, and Lake Sweetwater was very close to running over the spill way. What a blessing this has been for all of us in this area. It didn’t take days or months of rain like everybody thought it would. It took something like 12 to 14 hours to fill up all the tanks, creeks, and lakes in this area, wow. That has to be millions, several millions of gallons of water.

God is Amazing!

Six More Days

Aug 17

Six more days until NU3, wow. I have a hard time believing that a year has already gone by. Seems just like yesterday that we were enjoying last summer. Where does the time go? My kids are growing up faster than I can keep up with. I am very excited about the NU3 trip this year. Lake Buchanan is full. We will have two boats there and six good friends. I think it will be one to remember for sure.

Walk to Emmaus

Aug 13

Just got back from Walk to Emmaus #22. It was an amazing weekend that words can not explain. All I can say is WOW. One man accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and several others rededicated their lives to Jesus. It is always amazing to see and feel the presence of Christ.


“I Am Yours” video art (music by Casting Crown)

Aug 07

This is another awesome video, very touching. I would love to see something like this at my church. I would even like to take part in it. Looks like it would be fun.

Give all the glory to God.

Coolest Video Ever

Fantasy Football

Aug 03

I personally have never really gotten into the fantasy football craze. But I have several friends that do it religiously and love it. I like hearing them talk about it and how crazy it gets sometimes. James Cross takes it to another level. He is well read when it comes to stats on all the players, not just the good ones. He and a few others transfer their love for the sport and knowledge of the sport over to the fantasy realm, Fantasy Football. If you want to get a head start on your fantasy football season be sure to visit This is were James and his friends spill the beans, usually before all the big boys do, about what is really going on in football.

So if your into fantasy football or just like to read to catch up with current football events be sure to visit