Kids and Soccer

Sep 21

We have had a great start with soccer this year. Mari and I are coaching the 4 and 5 year old division and the 8 and 9 year old division, yep, we are doing both. It is hard but we want to be there for Zack and Zoe as much as we can…one day they will leave home and we don’t want to ever say…if only, what if, I should have, ect…

Coaching the 4 & 5 year olds is a trip. The best we can do is make it fun for them. The kids are just happy with kicking the ball no matter if it is the wrong way or even in the wrong goal, haha. Zoe had a good time at her first game. We don’t keep score but we scored 4 goals and the other team scored 3 goals, one of their goals was kicked in by our team and of course it had to be my Zoe, haha. Bottom line, they had a good time.

The 8 & 9 year olds did really good for their first game. We have 11 kids on the team and most of them have been playing together for 2 years now and some have been together for 3 years. The game started off a little shaky with us on the defense right away and the wind was blowing in their favor. Our team did very well defensively. We keep the other team down to 2 goal shots for the entire game. We had several goal shots and made 2 of them. The game ended Us 2 Them 0.

I was very proud of both teams performance and I was very excited and proud of Zack and Zoe.

Funny Stuff

Sep 07

I came across this site today and thought that I would share it with everybody. I’m still laughing about this one it had James’s name all over it. Made a Poop

Here are a few more, enjoy.



And for all the women out there, here is a gift to you.
Virtual Husband

Happy Thursday.

First Week For Fat Tracking

Sep 05

This is the second week of the Fat Tracking effort but for me it is really my first week. I let work get in the way and then I had the pleasant experience of an ear infection. So this week went ok, I did cheat some and I didn’t workout like I wanted to but I did get a start. I lost a total of three pounds for my first week. I hope that lifting weight doesn’t hurt the total pounds that I loose. I think everybody has heard that muscle weighs more than fat. But I really enjoy lifting so I will stick with that. I will be walking every afternoon with my wife for the rest of this week. I want to start doing sit ups and pushups every morning also. But I really don’t do well in the mornings, haha, we will see about that one.

Anyway, off to the races. 3 pounds lost for a giant 1%, how ASSUME (for Dianne) is that, haha.