Fall is Here

Oct 18


I slipped a little bit on my daily blogging so I need to catch up.

I’ll be making a car payment for the local dentist here very soon. He will have to fix my tooth in return. I have had a head ache for the last month or so that I thought was from a sinus infection but now I know that part of it was due to my tooth. Oh well, life goes on.

We thought that Zack had broken his wrist the other day playing soccer. As a goal keeper Zack is willing to do what ever it takes to keep the ball out of the goal, he is an awesome goal keeper. He dove to keep the ball out of the goal and bent his wrist back towards him just a little bit too far. He didn’t break it just sprained it.

I’m not ready for the cold that is coming. This Fall has been hitting me hard.

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