Hump Day

Oct 10

James, I do like saying hump, haha. I haven’t been able to blog for a week now and I was doing so well.

My outlook on work, business, my dad, ect. has gotten better. I have prayed over these things so many times and I’m still not sure that I have an answer. But, I have decided to except whatever happens. If it works out that I start my business full time then so be it. If I go to work for somebody else or even if I stay right were I’m at, so be it. If my dad gets married for the sixth time, lol, so be it. I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I have been taking out my frustrations on my family and that’s going to stop. I will be happy and whatever happens, happens.

This weekend looks like a great weekend for a camping trip. I think I’m going to pack everything up and take the family camping. The weather is getting colder so we had better do it now before too late. I can see it now, boat, tents, camp fire, bbq, beer, fishing, beer, hookers…oh, wait, this isn’t Nerds Unplugged, haha. Not really, we don’t have hookers on the NU trips, just lots of beer and bbq.

Congratulations goes out to James and Mashala, they might just become home owners in the near future. We’ll pray for you two.