Death of a Computer

Feb 20

My main home computer is on it’s last legs. Both hard drives are full and fragmented beyond repair and I keep having out of memory issues. I’ve installed plenty of RAM so I think it is all related to my hard drive issues. It is such a pain to have to move over my Quick Books and Money accounts. Having to reinstall software on the new computer then pull all my files from Carbonite.

I guess it could be worse but it still is a pain.

Blogging These Days

Mar 18

Blogging amongst my friends has seemed to slow down to a crawl. There are a few posts here and there but not like it used to be. Jumping onto each site was an easy way to catch up to what was going on with my friends in their various activities. I have fallen way off on my own blogging. I’ve been lucky to post once a month, if that. Life has a way of getting too busy for the little things. And the little things usually turn out to be the most important things.

A lot of people use blogging as a way to make money. If it works great, good for you. I can’t post enough to even try that. I really use my blog as a way to kill some time or vent or pass along some interesting information or just simply for humorous comments. I’ve been getting bombarded with too many forms of media now days. My blog, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, Twitter, Buzz…the list just keeps growing. I can’t remember all the dang logins for everything, lol.

I’m getting sick of FaceBook due to all the crap that I get on it now. I’m probably going to have to turn off the email feature. I think that it will turn into MySpace or they will start charging people for the use of it. If FaceBook would charge a dollar for every user that it has, wow, that’s a lot of money.

Canon EOS Rebel

May 12

Canon EOS RebelOur camera finally bit the dust. We have been looking at replacing it with the Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1 Megapixel. It’s a birthday slash mother’s day present for my wife, Mari. The reviews for the Canon are really good and it would be a major step up for us in digital photography. Our thinking is that with all the kids sports going on it would be nice to be able to have a rapid shot picture taking machine at our disposal. Hopefully we can get a good picture or two out of a hundred, 😉

The cost is up there, around $600 bucks so I got to looking around on EBay and found that people are selling them brand new in the box from $350 to $450 every day, hmmm. I guess it’s about time for us to make an EBay purchase. I’ve had friends buy plenty from EBay but I have never jumped in. A little scared but I think that it will be ok as long as the seller’s reviews are good…right?

Finally figured it out

Apr 14

I have finally figured out how to save all of my old posts via RSS to one giant XML file and then import into WordPress. That was a lot to say in one sentence 😉

I couldn’t figure out how to get the comments to come over in the XML with the posts so there are no comments. I’m really not too worried about losing the comments. I was more concerned with getting all the original posts back so that there wouldn’t be anymore broken links in the search engines for my domain.

I now pat myself on the back…

Carbonite Online Backup

Apr 08

I had a friend tell me about this wonderful backup program the other day, Carbonite. You can check it out at

For about $55 bucks you can enjoy worry free off-site backups. We are using it at work and I’ve added it to some of my clients. I’m also using it at home for all my pictures, videos, and mp3s.

I suggest everybody check it out as soon as you can. It’s never fun losing all your data.