Blogging These Days

Mar 18

Blogging amongst my friends has seemed to slow down to a crawl. There are a few posts here and there but not like it used to be. Jumping onto each site was an easy way to catch up to what was going on with my friends in their various activities. I have fallen way off on my own blogging. I’ve been lucky to post once a month, if that. Life has a way of getting too busy for the little things. And the little things usually turn out to be the most important things.

A lot of people use blogging as a way to make money. If it works great, good for you. I can’t post enough to even try that. I really use my blog as a way to kill some time or vent or pass along some interesting information or just simply for humorous comments. I’ve been getting bombarded with too many forms of media now days. My blog, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, Twitter, Buzz…the list just keeps growing. I can’t remember all the dang logins for everything, lol.

I’m getting sick of FaceBook due to all the crap that I get on it now. I’m probably going to have to turn off the email feature. I think that it will turn into MySpace or they will start charging people for the use of it. If FaceBook would charge a dollar for every user that it has, wow, that’s a lot of money.

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