Blogging These Days

Mar 18

Blogging amongst my friends has seemed to slow down to a crawl. There are a few posts here and there but not like it used to be. Jumping onto each site was an easy way to catch up to what was going on with my friends in their various activities. I have fallen way off on my own blogging. I’ve been lucky to post once a month, if that. Life has a way of getting too busy for the little things. And the little things usually turn out to be the most important things.

A lot of people use blogging as a way to make money. If it works great, good for you. I can’t post enough to even try that. I really use my blog as a way to kill some time or vent or pass along some interesting information or just simply for humorous comments. I’ve been getting bombarded with too many forms of media now days. My blog, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, Twitter, Buzz…the list just keeps growing. I can’t remember all the dang logins for everything, lol.

I’m getting sick of FaceBook due to all the crap that I get on it now. I’m probably going to have to turn off the email feature. I think that it will turn into MySpace or they will start charging people for the use of it. If FaceBook would charge a dollar for every user that it has, wow, that’s a lot of money.

Fishing for Thanksgiving!

Dec 07

We went South this year for Thanksgiving. Decided to visit my wife’s sister and her family this year for the big turkey day. And you know what I was thinking….count me in for sure, there is a coast close by that is full of fish.

The plan was to get there, relax, then head to Padre Island for some bay fishing. We have always had great luck with the trout fishing there. Just to eat up some time we went fishing in a stock tank that was behind my brother-in-law’s work place. He maintains it for the company that he works for and he was telling me that it had some monster bass in it. Well, let me tell you, he wasn’t lying either. The fishing was so good there that we decided to skip on the Padre Island bay fishing idea.

Below are pics of the Black Bass that we caught. They all ranged from 3 lbs. to 8 lbs. and were caught on live perch. I ended up with the biggest catch at around 8 pounds.

State Tournament

Jul 28

Zack’s first game in the Texas Teenage Baseball state tournament is tonight at 6:30.  There are fourteen teams in the tournament from various areas in Texas. I’ll post results later, keep your fingers crossed.

Baseball Update

Jul 16

Zack’s team, the Astros, won second place in their league. They are now heading for the state tournament that will be held in Colorado City the last week of July.

Zoe finished up her last year of T-Ball. She was batting very good and so so on the catching. If she plays next year it will be softball.

Zack the Knight and Partners

May 27

My son, Zack, wrote this for his English class at school. I thought it was pretty dang good so I wanted to share it with everybody. Keep in mind that he is twelve years old and he wrote this all on his own. enjoy…

Zack the Knight and Partners

The Quest for Peace

By: Zack Cornett

Once upon a time when dragons, knights, wizards, and other mythical creatures, roamed the earth, there was a young knight named Zack. He was known throughout the land as a fearless fighter and great leader. Zack was as kind as he was fearless and had many friends.

In his many adventures Zack came across three talented warriors. The first was a skeleton named Kevin. Kevin was a good fighter, but he did not have patience, and if he ever got trapped he might die. The second warrior was the Chinese knight, Wibowo. Wibowo was very fast, but he was not very good with a dagger or spear. The last warrior was a strange and weird creature. He was part donkey, spider, and dragon, but he could speak. He was human at one time, but an orcan witch cursed him and turned him into a beast. His name was Donkey Jones. The four warriors became fast and loyal friends.

One day Zack was summoned to the castle by the king. The king said, “Zack, we are at war with the orcs. They want to take over the kingdom. I need you and three others to go on a quest to find a way to rid our land of the evil orcs.”

“I know exactly who to bring with me on this quest. We will leave today,” Zack told the king.

Zack chooses his three most loyal friends to join him on his quest for peace. The king gives them armor and weapons suitable for the quest. Zack chooses a mythical sword and plate mail armor along with a crossbow and magic gauntlets. Skeleton Kevin picks a pirate sword and light armor. Donkey Jones selects chain mail and a sword. Chinese knight Wibowo picks an ax, a bow, and medium armor. They set off on their quest to save the castle from the evil orcs who have teamed with the Black Knights to take over the kingdom.

Zack and his team went far into the wilderness and found a cave to camp at for the night. It is pitch dark when Zack hears a noise from deep in the cave.

Zack asks, “What’s that noise, guys?”

“What noise?” they answer.

Tap, tap.

“That tapping noise,” says Zack.

“Aaaaaah,” cry the others.

The ground had suddenly disappeared beneath Zack’s friends and all you could hear were the screams, and then boom!

Zack yells, “Are ya’ll okay?”

“Yeah,” yells up Donkey Jones. “But I don’t know about the others,” he exclaims.

Out of nowhere, Wibowo and Kevin yell, “Get us out, hurry before we get eaten.”

Before Zack could get to them he heard a roar that echoed through the cave, a sword clashing against rock, and arrows flying through the air. Zack and Jones go down into the pit as fast as they could. Once they got down there they found it was a giant rock death worm with spikes and razor sharp teeth under orcan control. Zack pulls out his crossbow and starts shooting arrows. Jones starts blowing fire on the death worm. Wibowo shoots an arrow into the eye of the death worm. The worm bellows in pain then shoots acid everywhere nearly burning Kevin. Zack shoots a fire ball out of his magical gauntlets and burns a hole into the side of the worm. Wibowo then shoots another arrow into the worm’s eye and blinds it. Kevin stabs the worm in the side where there is a hole. The worm tries to get out of the cave, but Jones flies into it and cuts off the worm’s head. Jones had to fly the warriors out because the side was too slippery from mud and water.

Once they were out of the cave they started moving again through the morning dew. It was starting to get late when they came across an orc camp. The orcs were heavily armed with spears and axes. Wibowo got his bow and arrow out and Zack got ready to shoot a fire ball. Then, whoosh, the orcs were gone. It happened so fast that none of them saw what took the orcs. Whatever it was, it was big and it could fly. This happened at three other orc camps, but the third time the monster stayed. They found out it was dragon. It stood 10 feet high, its teeth were the size of bananas, it had razor sharp claws, and it could breathe fire. The team got ready to fight. Kevin found a spear and charged the beast. Zack and Wibowo started to shoot arrows all over the dragon. The dragon started to fly, but Zack pierced its wing when it was in the air, and the dragon plummeted to the ground and died on impact.

Zack and his team rested at the now empty orc camp. All were thankful that at least some of the orcs had been taken care of for them by the dragon.

Early the next morning Zack heard a rustling in the bushes. Zack drew back his sword. A giant spider jumps out of the bush. Zack slashes, but misses. Then, another spider comes out and Zack shoots a fire ball and burns both spiders.

Zack wakes everybody up and says, “We need to get out of here before something kills us. Besides, we’re very close.”

“How do you know?” asks Kevin.

“Well, duh. I can see the temple with the telescope,” says Zack.

“Oh,” answers Kevin, “then let’s get moving.”

Zack and his team face black knights, another death worm and three orcs in the seventy-five miles to the temple.

When they arrive at the temple they find several wise men and monks. An old wise man by the name of Chirion tells them the secret to defeat the orcs.

Chirion proclaims, “The only way to defeat the orcs is to use light magic, and nothing else. The great wizard Ro-man will know what I’m talking about. You will find him with the same king you serve.”

“You mean to tell me that the king’s wizard friend, Roman, is the great wizard, Ro-man?” asks Zack in astonishment.

“That is the same one I speak of,” says Chirion.

The monks teleport Zack and his team back to the castle. They are too late. The orcs have begun their attack on the castle.

“Where is the king?” Zack shouts to a peasant running through the street.

“He was taken to the tower by the black knight’s leader, Shelbino.” Then, the peasant is hit by a boulder from a catapult.

Zack yells to his comrades, “Skeleton, Donkey, go find the great wizard, Ro-man, and tell him what he has to do to stop the orcs. Wibowo and I will go to the tower to find the king.”

The valiant warriors go off, fighting orcs along the way. Skeleton and Donkey Jones quickly find the wizard Ro-man. They explain to the wizard what he must do to defeat the orc army, and he begins to work on the magic he will need.

Zack and Wibowo make their way to the tower to face the dark knight, Shelbino. The fight begins.

Five black knights attack Zack and Wibowo. Wibowo hits one of the black knights off the bridge to the tower. Zack is fighting two black knights when he sees Wibowo get knocked down. Zack throws a dagger at the black knight that knocked down Wibowo, and the black knight falls off the edge.

“That’s two down,” shouts Wibowo.

“Three to go,” yells back Zack while fighting.

Wibowo shoots one with his bow. Zack stabs the one he was fighting. Then Wibowo charges the last black knight. The knight swings and misses Wibowo. He then hits Wibowo in the ribcage with the butt of his sword, knocking Wibowo off the edge of the bridge. Zack shoots the black knight in the head with an arrow. Zack looks over the edge and sees Wibowo hanging on to the edge. Zack pulls him and says, “That was close.”

Wibowo says, “I know. Thank you.”

Back at the battle front, Ro-man the great wizard readies all the wizards he has summoned to the castle. BOOM! The door is broke down and an orc comes running in.

“You!” yells Donkey Jones, and runs at the orc, sword drawn.

The orc shoots a spell, but it doesn’t hurt Jones. Jones stabs the orc and the orc blows up in flames. Suddenly, the room is filled with light, and there was no more Donkey Jones. Standing in his place was a human Jones, or part human. The last spell the orc shot made the wings permanent, but when Jones killed the orc the spell was broken and most of him turned back human.

Ro-man says, “We must get moving!”

Back at the tower, Zack and Wibowo were fighting Shelbino and Tyrone, the orc leader. Wibowo was fighting the orc, and Zack was fighting the black knight. Zack hit Shelbino with the butt of his sword knocking him on the ground. Zack waited for Shelbino to get up. While Zack was fighting with Shelbino, Wibowo broke Tyrone’s sword and hit him so hard that Tyrone fell off the edge. Shelbino went in a rage, swinging wildly. Then, Wibowo swung his ax and hit Shelbino in the arm. Zack stabbed Shelbino in the chest, killing him.

Zack yells, “Are you okay, King?”

“Yes, hurry and unchain me,” says the king.

“Yes, sir,” answers Zack.

All the wizards were on the front lines using light magic. The magic burned all the orcs and the black knights, thus winning the war.

Zack and his team became personal body guards for the king. When the king died the people chose Zack for their new king. Nobody ever attacked Great Zack’s kingdom again.

The end