Carbonite Online Backup

Apr 08

I had a friend tell me about this wonderful backup program the other day, Carbonite. You can check it out at

For about $55 bucks you can enjoy worry free off-site backups. We are using it at work and I’ve added it to some of my clients. I’m also using it at home for all my pictures, videos, and mp3s.

I suggest everybody check it out as soon as you can. It’s never fun losing all your data.

3 Responses to “Carbonite Online Backup”

  1. John Tucker says:

    Carbonite is a good service. One of several that I often recommend. If you have a minute it would be great if you could leave a short personal review of the service and what you like about it at my website.

  2. Benny says:

    Thanks for your input John. I’ll drop by your site soon and leave a review.

  3. buster says:

    hmm.. any experience with idrive? last couple weeks started with testing mozy, now testing idrive; i’ve read some good things about carbonite, but i’m liking the features of idrive so far.