Back to School

Jul 31

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over already. The kids are fixing to start school once again. Zoe will be going to pre-K this year out at Highland and Mari will be starting her new job teaching out there as well. I can remember when I used to start school at the beginning of September. I guess those days are gone for good now. I think the goal now days is to keep the kids in school year round. That way the ISDs become the baby sitters and the parents don’t have to deal with them. I’ve seen this trend more and more lately…let the TVs baby sit the kids, dump them off with anybody that is willing, come up with every excuse in the world to leave them with the in-laws or grand parents.

For me, I would rather keep track of my own. I would go back to long summers in a heart beat. You hardly would ever see me or my wife without our children with us. Isn’t that what having children is all about? I think so.

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