Vacation Time Baby!

Jul 28

Just got back from a nice vacation down…way down in South Texas. We went down to visit Mari’s sister and her family. Then we headed over to South Padrea for lots of fun and fishing.

First off, let me tell you, IT IS VERY VERY HOT DOWN THERE. I’m not kidding, fat people melt down there, haha. Zack and I caught a lot of fish, mainly trout, off of the pier, bay boat, and deep sea boat. I have some pics that I posted on Flickr, thanks to Casey.

I caught a 25lb. 29 in. Black Drum on my little Zebco 33 with 10lb. test line. It was a highlight of the trip for me. Took around 15 minutes to tire him out just so I could get him close to the pier. Took another 20 min. just to get him onto the pier. Fun Fun Fun.

Here are some Pics:

Vacation 06 Pics

Take a look and remember that there will be more and more added as I have time.

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