Just another day.

Mar 15


Starting tomorrow I’ll be on vacation…woohoo, can’t wait. Several more days have gone by since I have had a smoke. Sometimes I’ll catch myself setting here thinking about smoking…this crap is the hardest to quit, IMO. I quit dipping tobacco after 17 years, cold turkey, no problems. I was tobacco free for 1 1/2 years then for unknown stupid reasons I picked up cigars, then down hill from there. My point is that I think quitting dipping was easier than quitting smoking.

Anyway, back to vacation time. Zack and I will be heading down to the Brazos river Thursday for some father son quality time camping, fishing, and whatever else we can get into. I don’t know who has more fun, me or him. We have a blast just doing whatever but put us out somewhere camping…better get back, we’ll kill a bear, skin a goat, eat a worm. Doesn’t matter…we might just do anything…haha. I can see it already, the older Zack gets the more trouble he and I will get into.

Here is an example of the timeline so far for Zack and I:
Day trips….camping….camping and drinking….camping and drinking and gambling….camping and drinking and gambling and hookers…hahaha, whatever.

No matter, after tonight I will be out of sight, unreachable, far far away having fun with my son.