Oct 21

This is a classic so I had to post a link to this video.

Ghostly Car Ad

If you haven’t already seen the video or even heard of it I’ll give you the history behind it.

There was a car company that wanted to make a commercial for the new line of their cars that they were selling. So they hired a company to do this for them. During the shooting of the commercial there were tons of accidents that happened…people got hurt and others seen odd looking mists that were said to be ghosts. Now, if your like me you probably have a hard time believing in ghosts. But watch this video and see if this changes the way you think. When the producer and the editor were previewing the commercial footage they noticed that there was a white mist following the car. The mist followed right behind the car and then vanished. You will notice this about half way through the video.

Good luck.

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