Fight Club

Oct 05

I had another cool dream the other night and this is one that I had to just tell all.

It was a cold Winter night in Roscoe and I had everybody over for our weekly OT fight night. The OT fight night was a club that James and I started in my basement…funny enough, my basement was in Midland but my house was in Roscoe…go figure, it was a dream. Anyway, it was the usual participants, James, Maabster, Easter egg man, Corey, Andy, Scott, Tim, and Casey. We all know that Casey lives out of state so you would think that it would be hard for him to be there. Nope, he had a special elevator that would bring him straight over on OT fight nights. The rules were, there were no rules and nobody talks about OT fight night. We never fought each other we always had a guest that we all beat the crap out of. It just so happened that this night we had invited the Wangster over for some fun, ;).

Now it gets good. I went first and I did moderate damage over all. The Wangster had a hard time breathing through his nose when I got done. Andy couldn’t wait so as I landed my last punch to the Wangster’s nose Andy punched him in the gut. This was not an ordinary gut punch, Andy’s hand came out of the Wangsters ass. That’s right, straight into the gut and right out the ass…wow, what a punch. James and Tim were upset because they thought it was all over at that point. But hell no, the man made in Taiwan was not going down that easily. James took over and caved in his face. Tim broke one of the Wangster’s legs and bit off one of his ears, Mike Tyson style, it was pretty graphical in my dream, very nice, I enjoyed it. Corey kept running up to him and then around him, up to him and then around him, he said that he was going to get the Wangster dizzy so he would hurl some Chinese food. Casey kept crying on Andy’s tits while Easter egg made fun of him, then Andy would slap Easter egg and tell him to stop.

While all this was going on Scott went to town on the Wangster. First, Scott had the biggest damn mullet you could have ever seen, funny. Scott pulled out this switch blade comb…flicked it open…ran it through his gigantic mullet…then went to cutting on the Wangster. He cut off the other ear, both arms, the good leg, and left a big S on the Wangsters chest, like Zaro, but Scott didn’t have a mask on. Now I know that it was a comb but somehow it was damn sharp comb. The Maabster didn’t participate, he was more interested in overhauling his car.

I don’t remember much after that other than Casey crying on Andy’s tits some more.


What a Day!!!!!

Oct 05

Man, what a day, I feel like a toliet and somebody took a big ole nasty crap on me…and didn’t flush. It just gets worse as the day goes along.

So I thought I would take a break and blog some to get my mind off of work for now. Buster has started a cool thing, he has added an Easter egg to his website. Well, really, he added an Easter egg to his site so that we could have an Easter egg hunt. Goto Jame’s Website for an explanation of what an Easter egg is for programmers.

I have officially given up on finding the damn Easter egg. Congrats goes out to Buster for hiding the thing. As far as I know he could have put the thing somewhere on google’s website, haha. I know that it is there on Busters site, James cheated and gave me a link to it with login name and password. I will be selling that information on EBay soon…check it out, :)

Anyhow, I think that I might have to join in and plant an Easter egg somewhere on my blog someday.