Back to the Grind

Mar 22

Back to the grind as usual. Now that I’m back from vacation I’ve been doing nothing but catching up. I don’t really think that it is possible to catch up. I know we all get to a point sometime in our lives where we feel like we have caught up, but do we really catch up. There is always something else that we need or should be doing.

My father/son camping trip was a bust. We were rained out on the camping side of the trip. But we did do quit a bit of fishing and I mean fishing, not catching. We didn’t catch anything worth keeping. I caught an alligator gar Friday and interestingly enough I caught a 6 lb. yellow cat by hand on Thursday. We had gone down to Cedar Bluff on the Brazos river to check things out Thursday. We were wanting to camp there and fish up and down stream. When we got there the water was very shallow and you could see some perch swimming around. Zack saw a giant looking fish just sitting on the bottom close to the bank. It turned out to be the 6 or so lb. yellow cat. I wanted to catch it but we had left all our fishing poles and gear at my dad’s house. We were there just to check things out. So I jumped into the river and grabbed ahold of the yellow cat by the gills. I fought with it for a few minutes then headed to the bank. Of course the yellow cat had decided to chew on my thumb a bit which didn’t feel all that great and it ended up bleeding some, haha. But I did get him up to the truck. We didn’t really want to eat him so we decided to take him back to our farm and through him into the pond. Well something must have been wrong with it because it died before we made it there. This was kind of my first time to noodle…now I can say that I’m a true red neck…haha.

Anyhow, there were tons of dead fish lining the banks of the river so we figured there must have been something wrong. Friday when we got there with the canoe and all our gear we didn’t see any fish. Half the day went by before we saw some gar. We tried to sane (spelling) some minnows out of the river for bait. But we didn’t find any, we didn’t even see any perch. I really think that there had been a fish kill caused by the red or golden algea or something. I have never been to the Brazos river and not see any fish. It was a very odd experience. And the smell of dead fish was everywhere so I wasn’t even sure if I would have kept any fish if we would have caught some. Then it started raining and raining and raining. It rained the entire weekend. So we headed back to my dad’s place on Lake Granbury. The thought was that we would fish from him dock so we could stay dry. Well, we did fish from his dock but we didn’t catch anything. For two days straight we had three lines in the water with worms and minnows and we didn’t even loose our bait. Wow, are there any fish left in Lake Granbury? What a trip but we did have a good time trying to catch fish.

Next year the father/son trip will be going to the coast. We decided that we are going bay fishing next year. I know that we will catch something in the ocean. For the past three years we have had little to no luck catching fish in the Brazos or in Lake Granbury.

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