First Week For Fat Tracking

Sep 05

This is the second week of the Fat Tracking effort but for me it is really my first week. I let work get in the way and then I had the pleasant experience of an ear infection. So this week went ok, I did cheat some and I didn’t workout like I wanted to but I did get a start. I lost a total of three pounds for my first week. I hope that lifting weight doesn’t hurt the total pounds that I loose. I think everybody has heard that muscle weighs more than fat. But I really enjoy lifting so I will stick with that. I will be walking every afternoon with my wife for the rest of this week. I want to start doing sit ups and pushups every morning also. But I really don’t do well in the mornings, haha, we will see about that one.

Anyway, off to the races. 3 pounds lost for a giant 1%, how ASSUME (for Dianne) is that, haha.

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