Spam Spam Spam

Apr 21

Well, here is an update on my spam battle. I had added a b2evolution blog for TSTC’s president the other day.

TSTC’s President Blog

It was getting hit harder with spam than my own blog so I had to do something about it. I added an image authorization code that you have to enter before submitting your comment. And so far so good…no more spam as of yet. So naturally I wanted to add it to my blog BUT, of course it can’t be that easy. My installation of php will not allow me to run certain dlls that I need for this image auth code. So I guess I will be upgrading my server very soon so I can add this thing and get rid of the damn spam…hurah…hurah.

I noticed that I’m not the only unlucky one out there…I was checking Buster’s blog this morning and notice some spam on there also. Good luck Buster, you should give this image authorization stuff a try.