Oh My God, Hurry!!!!!!!!!

Sep 23


Oh My God, Hurry, everybody, listen…the sky is falling…the sky is falling.

You had better go right now and buy bread, water, and gas…as much as you can…store it in you boat or something…or a warehouse or something….haha

What ever.

People, if you really think that the sky is falling you should not worry about bread, water, or even gas. You should be buying as much beer as you possibly could. Get as drunk as you most possibly could. Then get over it, come on.

We are feeding the frenzy by over reacting!

We are not New Orliens…we are not 7 foot below sea level. Man, who would have thought that New Orliens was at risk? Ocean front property that is 7 foot below sea level. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. To top that off, lets rebuild it.

Enough ranting and raving…just tired of seeing all this panic for no reason.