Summer is almost here.

Apr 03

Summer is almost here, if not already. One day it is 90 degrees then the next day it is 50 degrees. This weather sure is throwing me for a loop. My body doesn’t know what to think, lol. I sure am ready for summer to make up it’s mind and stay for a while. I can’t wait till we get the boat out on the lake for some family fun tubing and fishing. The kids love going to the lake, nothing but fun to them. Mari and I like watching them experience new, fun things and the lake holds tons of adventures for them.

With the price of gas now days I don’t know how many times we can afford to take the boat out. We could probably take the boat out and skip eating for a week, lol.

The kids are about to start baseball season. I swore that I wouldn’t stay on the baseball board and that I wasn’t going to coach this year. Yep, I’m still on the board and I’m helping coach Zoe’s t-ball team this year. Man, I’m such a sucker. I’m a gluten for punishment. I don’t think it will be so bad this year mainly because I’m not the president of the league. I’m going to be the equipment manager. So all my work will be done in the beginning and then a little here and there. I really want to focus on Zoe this year. In the past I have spent most of my time coaching Zack’s teams so I think it is time to give Zoe the attention for a change. This might be better for Zack with somebody else coaching him. Some say that the kids perform better when the parents get out of the way; we will see.

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