Gossip in the Work Place!

Aug 05


I think that everybody can relate to this post.

Gossip in the work place seems to be at an all time high were I work. I’m sure that every company, organization, etc. has some sort of gossip going around. I have a hard time understanding where the people that are spinning these webs of gossip and lies find the time to do this. I guess they just don’t have enough work to do or they are just out right not doing their jobs. I think that all managers out there should just fire these types of people. I can understand and tolerate small doses of gossip but my goodness, enough is enough. It’s funny how gossip can interfere with your job even if your not the subject of the gossip.

I guess I’m on a soap box about this crap tonight. Sorry but I’ve had too much crap interfere with my job lately. I can’t even concentrate on the simplest tasks due to the volume of gossip at the office. I would love to go into more details but then I would be just as bad as those worthless dumb asses that live to do nothing other than disrupt the flow of productivity. So I won’t get into that.

Just know that what goes around always comes back around…

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