Falsely Accused

Jul 28


I love these verses, everybody could read Matthew 7:1-5 and get something out of it.

Read Matthew 7:1-5

Surely there is no one on earth so righteous as to do good without ever sinning.

-Ecclesiastes 7:20 (NRSV)

RECENTLY I was wrongly accused of a deed which caused a stranger to lash out at me in uncontrolled anger, with foul language. My impulse was to scream back at him in self-defense. Instead, I drove home full of resentment and frustration that eventually left me depressed.

I considered the possible reasons for the stranger’s actions: he might have lost his job that day or received bad news regarding his health; perhaps his marriage had ended. Then I asked myself, How many times have I falsely accused another? And when I prejudge someone or pass on malicious gossip, am I not “falsely accusing”? The Bible plainly teaches against these things, so I am just as guilty as the man who unjustly accused me.

Once I asked God’s forgiveness for my sins, I could feel compassion for my accuser. When I asked for guidance and comfort for him, I was able to feel God’s peace.

Ruth C. Hodges (California, U.S.A.)

Thank you, God, for forgiving our sins and helping us to forgive others. Amen.

Thought For The Day
Think — and pray — before speaking.

Prayer Focus
Someone overwhelmed by anger

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