Hard Weekend!

Dec 12


I hope that everybody had a great weekend or at least better than mine. I am glad to be back at work today even if it is a Monday. Maybe now I can get some rest…haha. Not really, just in case my boss is reading ;)

My weekend turned out to be very busy. And I’m not talking about busy with fun stuff either. I recently landed some web development and network support jobs with some real estate companies in Sweetwater. I had been wanting to get some of these businesses for a while so in a way this was a wish that came true. I had no idea how messed up a business network could be until now. I spent my entire weekend doing nothing but cleaning spy ware, ad ware, and viruses off of computers. Reworking an existing network so that it could be more stable with less down time which involved tracing wires to see where they went and in some cases they didn’t go anywhere, go figure.

I really shouldn’t be griping about this, God will only give you what you can handle, right. A new contract is a good thing. The people that I’m doing it for are good people. I should just quit crying and get over it. I’m just tired and grumpy I guess.

I’m over it…thanks for listening.

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