Family Update

Jun 02

My family has been doing very well since we have moved back to Roscoe. We have been back a little over two years now, man, time sure flies by.

Zack loves it, he has tons of friends and he is always outside playing, riding bikes, and whatever else he can get into. Back in Midland Zack never really played outside much. His friends were scattered all over town so he didn’t have anybody close to really go and play with in the neighborhood.

Zoe was too little to really do much of anything while we were in Midland. But now she is always playing in, out, and around our house. Everybody knows her and they love to play with her. I think she is going to love growing up here, I know Zack will.

Both of them have been sick the past few days…high fevers and such. But they should be ok. Mari has accepted a new job, or challenge really, she will be working for the Highland school district next year teaching special ed. I’m very happy for her taking on this challenge. You will never know what God has in store for you unless you take a chance. Isn’t that called “having faith”? You have to have faith before you can take a leap of faith, right. Anyhow, I think she is very happy being back in her home town to raise her two kids.

Me…I love it here. I couldn’t wait to move away. Once we moved I couldn’t wait till we moved back. Funny how that works but I see the value in our lives here. Happiness is worth it and I thank God for guiding us back everyday.

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