Rambling Thoughts

Feb 05


It’s funny how most people think of men. They see a typical man as being somebody that would have stubble on his face, wearing a baseball cap, holding a beer in one hand and a bag of chips in the other rooting for some type of sport. Wearing miss matched clothing running around burping and farting as if there is nothing wrong with that.

Well, being a man I would have to agree with most of that myself. I sometimes think that there might be something wrong with me because I really don’t care about watching sports on TV. I actually find myself on the computer doing something else when the majority of all other men are watching the Super Bowl. Maybe it’s just because the Cowboys weren’t playing, who knows. Does this make me gay or something? I would have to say NO. I know several gay men that watch sports just as much as the majority of straight men. I can’t spout stats for hours and hours about every team in every sport. I find myself really bored when the conversation turns into the late night sports shows…I know more stats than you do. I don’t think that it is because I’m not into sports because I love coaching baseball, soccer, and now I’m giving basketball a try this year. I love to play the sports and I really enjoy going to watch a live game. But I just can’t bring myself to spend hours in front of the TV watching sport and sport after sport. I know people that love to watch golf on TV…what is that about. I love to play golf but watch it on TV. I do that when I’m ready to take a nap and I can’t fall asleep on my own. (Sorry goes out to all those golf fans out there, nothing personal)

I have a friend, James, which tries every year to get me to play fantasy football with him and several others. I like the fact that he cares enough to ask but I just can’t get into keeping up with the stats enough to place anywhere other than last. Who knows, I may get brave one year and give it a try so keep asking James, I may say yes next year.

I love shooting pool, competitive billiards, does that count or is that just an easy way out for a want-a-be sports fan? I like to bowl. I also like to watch NASCAR from time to time, haha, I can hear the red neck jokes coming from that one. But I couldn’t tell you who all the drivers are now days.

My son, Zack, likes to watch sports on TV so I know it is in my blood somewhere. Or, well, my wife, Mari, loves to watch sports so he probably got that from her blood line, man, I can’t win for loosing, haha.

I guess baseball is my favorite sport. I loved playing it and I can sit and watch most of a game on TV but I still couldn’t tell you all the stats and players names. There was a time in the past that I could have bored you to death talking baseball stats. I even collected tons of baseball trading cards. There you go, I am a man. Had myself worried there for a minute. I feel better now.

Take care.

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