Ramblings of Benny

Sep 25


I thought I would try something new. I want to start posting my thoughts throughout the day. So I should have a post everyday and the post will grow as the day goes along.

Don’t you hate it when you know somebody that always seems to get free tickets to everything. Like NFL games that you really want to go to but can’t seem to ever get the time or money to do so.

I’ve been consumed lately by the thought of finding a new job or going full time with my business. I hate thinking about it because one minute I want to stay where I’m at then the next I want to find something else. Then I think that I’m stupid for not going ahead and taking the big leap and working my business full time. I’m just scared of change I guess, scared of falling face first and putting my family at jeopardy.

I’ve got to start working on loosing weight. I quit smoking about a month ago and now I’m scared that I might start gaining weight because of quiting. I want a cigarette just about every day, hard process to deal with but I’ve done good so far.

I have come across another addiction, BabyRuth candy bars. They are the best candy bars that you could ever want or eat.

I’m so far behind on all my work I had better stop and get something done.

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