Nerds Unplugged 4

Oct 03

We had a great time this year at our annual Nerds Unplugged trip. Here are some pics from the trip.

Stringer of fish

Keith was holding up the stringer of catfish that we had. Keith caught almost all the fish for the weekend. There were a few that he didn’t catch but overall he caught the most.

Cat Fish

Nice Catfish, he deserved a picture by him self.


This is the lodge that we rented for the weekend. It was a sizable upgrade from the previous years.


Buster was ready to eat his drunkenness away. I’m sure that cup was a margarita. ;)


Ralph just chillen in the kitchen.


John sitting, because he couldn’t stand up, on the porch.


Just about to leave so I had to take a quick snap shot. That is the way James and Chris really walk. I think their butts were a little sore that morning. They had their own room so who knows what really happened the night before, haha. :D