Funny Video on You Tube

Jan 15

Mari was showing me this video that she saw on the other day. I thought it was so funny that I had to pass it along to all my friends.

Young preacher and his slip of the tongue

Enjoy and don’t forget to feed the fish. Just left click in the fish tank and it will feed them.

Taking a Month Off

Jan 15

Ok, I took a month off from blogging and web development. I found myself getting to the point of burning out so I took a break. I think it’s time to get started again.

I had around two weeks off from TSTC and let me tell you, it was hard to go back. Don’t get me wrong, I love web development and I don’t really have anything against TSTC in general…other than the lack of pay. But I really enjoy working for myself. The best thing that happened work wise last year for me was being off from TSTC and working full-time for my own company. The $$$ came in and I guess disappeared because I don’t see anything tangible. It’s funny how that happens, you make more money but you don’t see any difference or at least don’t notice.

Anyhow, we had a great Christmas and a happy New Year. From reading all the blogs it seems that all my friends had a wonderful holiday this year.

I noticed that my website is pulling in around 500 people a day. It’s due to a post that I made about the Brad Paisley & Sara Evans video. The majority of the searches are asking how to download the new Brad Paisley & Sara Evans video.

HaHa, a few shameless plugs to throw the searchers off.

Google Searchers have been searching for dental procedures and somehow end up on my site. Which reminds me, my damn tooth will hurt one day then be alright for a two or three then start hurting again. I think I have figured it out though. I have been grinding my teeth, that by the way is what started this whole thing. Anyhow I have been grinding my teeth and it is making that one molar loose and then it starts hurting. I have got to figure out how to keep from grinding my teeth at night. I know that it is due to stress and the best way to relieve stress is to have sex but my wife doesn’t believe that which really stresses me out even more.