Rainy Days

Dec 11


Man we have had some weird weather the past few days here. From very light snow to ice to rain in just over three days now. I’m not going to complain about getting the moisture because in West Texas you can never get enough. But it sure makes it hard to get outside and have some fun.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I got to see Casey and Tammy. For those of you that don’t know them they are some good friends that moved way the hell off and hardly ever get to come back to visit. Casey’s job keeps him hopping so they don’t get much time to come home to visit family and friends. We had a great visit for a few hours then they had to head back to Kansas the next morning. One day he will get to make our Nerds Unplugged getaway weekend with all his other geek friends and I. Still holding out that your gonna make it Casey, this is the year.

Moving on…

Christmas is just around the corner, can’t wait for that.

Mari, Zack, and Zoe are doing good. We are having to deal with some hard decisions dealing with Zack’s education but I think we have found the right solution. Zoe is in Zoe land most of the time having a Zoe type of fun. I wished that I could go to Zoe land and enjoy that with her, haha. Mari is still loving her job. She recently went to a training event that required her to stay overnight. This meant that I had to pickup the kids from school, get them home, cook something for them to eat, help get the homework done, sign papers for the next day of school, take Zoe to gymnastics, on and on. Man, that is an exhausting routine to have to maintain on a daily basis. Oh, and I forgot, get them up early in the morning and get them ready for school then take them to school. I have the highest level of respect for my wife who has been doing this routine mostly on her own. Where’s Benny, in bed or working and I know that work is not an excuse but it’s true. I really need to step it up and help her out with these types of things. The funny thing is, I forgot to go pick them up Friday. I needed to be there at 3:15 to pick up Zoe and her two cousins. Nope, got there at 3:45 and they were there waiting with one of the teachers. No body else was there but them. I felt like a total dumb a$$ for forgetting about picking them up. Anyhow, I don’t know how all you mothers out there do it but you all deserve gold medals. And Mari, I might have to give you some love action tonight as a reward. I can already hear Mari saying “Oh gee thanks, that’s exactly what I was hoping for”. haha.