Spring Here Yet?

Dec 07


This weather has been confusing me lately. Typical West Texas Fall weather is to go from 70 “+” degrees one day to 30 “-” degrees the next day. I know that I should be use to these severe changes being that I have lived in West Texas all of my life. But, I’m not use to it and I don’t think that I ever will get use to it. I walk outside in the morning to head for work and it’s freezing cold. My mind is telling me that I need to add another layer of clothing to keep warm. And my heart is telling me that Christmas is coming soon. Then by the afternoon I walk outside to head home. The temperature is somewhere around 70 to 75 degrees and my mind is telling me that I need a beer. My heart is telling me that I need to go and get my boat and head out to the lake to do some fishing. I’m getting confused on what to do now, haha.

I can’t wait till spring rolls around because I’m ready to head for the lakes and do some fishing. I need to find me a good hot water lake so I could take advantage of some Winter water sports without freezing to death.