Nerds Unplugged 3

Aug 03

I have been obsessed with this years Nerds Unplugged trip, 3 weeks away and counting. This past week I couldn’t think about the trip enough. It’s like I’m having withdrawals from the strongest drug out there. I have got to get my mind off of it so that the 3 weeks left won’t drag by and seem like forever. As of right now we have the most ever going, 6 friends have said yes and it looks like all 6 really will be going, nice. That will make this weekend even more fun.

For those of you out there that don’t know what Nerds Unplugged is, here’s an explanation. There was a group of nerds that were working together through some of the worst crap ever. The nerds decided to keep in touch by having a weekend once a year that they could count on to get together and catch up. James Cross, Benny Cornett, and Buster Collings made the weekend the first year, dubbed NU1. Then NU2 was us three again plus James Maabadi. Now for NU3 it looks like us again including Maabadi plus Tim Tipton and Chris Weddle. These long weekends are once a year and consist of fishing, boating, skiing, beer, tubing, knee boarding, BBQ, beer, wake boarding, beer, fishing, poker, and last but not least, beer.

As soon as the trip is over you can expect to see pictures posted and maybe we will get the video’s done and posted this year.

We also have a website dedicated to this. Nerds Unplugged