Roller Coaster Ride

Jul 17

This past month has been so crazy. I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride the entire month. I have been stressing over my current job and my business. Struggling with a decision of quitting one and doing the other full time…lots of risk involved. I think the best solution would be for me to go part time with my job and more than part time with my business. That would give me a safety net to get my feet wet and see what will happen. With all the stress I finally burned out two weeks ago. We took off last week for a well deserved vacation. We went to my uncle’s place last Saturday for a Fourth of July get together, very fun. Then we went to NRH2O Sunday and then Monday through Friday at Rock Port. Rock Port turned out to be one of the best vacations that we have ever had…very very fun indeed. The kids had a blast the entire time and Mari and I relaxed and enjoyed life for a change. No computers, work, or worries for an entire week, what a dream.

Anyway, back to work for now.